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How do you know that a girl is attracted to you?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) November 27th, 2009

What are the signs to look for if she does.

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You’ll know that she likes you if she walks up to you and plants a big one on you.

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When she:

*tries to spend time with you and is receptive to your efforts to spend time with her, especially one-on-one
*makes lots of eye contact, especially during what would otherwise be an awkward silence. (If you’re alone, this is basically an invitation to kiss her.)
*laughs at your jokes, even when they’re not funny
*responds to your emails/texts right away
*calls you back at the first chance she has
*gets a little nervous when she sees you

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flirting and staring
Stuff like that

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If she hands you a doctor’s report that she should indeed be fertile.

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@faye I fell back into the wall laughing!

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touching her hair when she talks to you is a good sign

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When she asks to stick her vagina into your penis.

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When she tells me. At her wedding. To someone else. Seriously this has happened to me 3 times Couldn’t they have mentioned it a bit sooner?

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@Sarcasm: Stick her vagina into his penis? Ouch!!

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I agree with @Sarcasm, but maybe a different variation.

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If she lets you touch her hair and doesn’t pull away she’s interested. I never let a guy touch my hair unless I like him, so if a guy can touch my hair I always let him kiss me.
Could be just me though, I dunno… =)

If she doesn’t pull away when you get close to her, and when you try to get close to her if she tries to get closer to you as well she likes you.

If she seems nervous around you and treats you differently; become happier when she sees you, talks more when you’re around, or if she avoids you (could be shy and doesn’t know how to act around you).

And like @nikipedia said, if she responds to your texts right away, she’s interested.

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if she puts up with you, she likes you….but you’ll never really know….ancient proverb man who understands woman understands everything…most of all don’t ask why or how just pursue her if thats your interest chicken shit

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don’t confuse like with attraction. Just assume that she does find you attractive and let her prove you wrong. I see beautiful girls with all kinds of guys I never thought would get with a girl like that. Looks aren’t that important for a guy, doesn’t hurt to be handsom and cunning like myself, but you don’t need it. If it helps find ways to open yourself up so she can compliment you. Be like, oh I just got this outfit the other day, or what do you think of my hair style, do you think I would look good in boxers? etc etc.

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According to my six year old, when they chase after you and say that they want to kill you!

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@sndfreQ I’d say that applies for more than just six year olds. If they put up with your crap and stick around, then there’s pretty much got to be something going on. Of course, if that’s ALL she does, that something may have more to do with lunacy than attraction…

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@rangerr thanks-couldn’t resist

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Any signal, if she momentarily positions herself near you, makes eye contact with you, brushes up against you.
The rest is up to you baby!

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Tell about the barren thing by the second date after you bought her dinner.

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What, so you broke up with the girl who might not be able to have kids because of that and are looking again?

Are you even bothering to acknowledge that YOU might not be fertile? That YOU might not be able to have kids? That your reproductive functions can quite possibly be dysfunctional?

When she has a glazed and glassy look in her eye.

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she will have her friends talk to you and you will randomly run into her

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she would touch u when u crack a good joke or when she is excited or lauging. She would also sneek a sly look at u. But to kno for sure, try to catch her when she’s drunk…..

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well im a girl so I should know
When she stars flirting with u

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The word is “you.”

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when her clothes magically fall off

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She’ll stand close to you, laugh at any joke, smile more, dress better, style her hair, etc

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Well, as a shy person I am… At the very beginning, I wouldn’t show any signs at all. The only sign I give is to accept invitation. If I dont’ like the guy, I don’t date them. Then I don’t touch but yes smile a lot. But then I’m very shy. Once I know he is interested, then I will be more relax.

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