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Why do girls ask guys out before they get a chance too?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) November 27th, 2009

All the girls are asking the guys out first and they usually say yes.Aren’t the guys suppose to do that? My friend’s go up to guys and ask them out and then the guy says yes and they only go out in school and not out! That’s not boyfriend and girlfriend! That’s not dating!? I like alot of guys but I don’t want to ask them’s too awkward for me :P
Well sure,I might want to go out with someone but I don’t want to ask them out because I’m scared if they might reject me.That probally wouldn’t happen but I’m scared it might.I’m really confused. Help!

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Welcome to the 21st century ;)

Us guys actually love it. Try it. What’s the worst that could happen?

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It seems to me that the reason you think it’s the guys part to ask out, is because it scares you. It is scary, but if you like someone, tell him. There is no guy or girl thing there. It would be a shame if he dates someone else, just because they have the courage to ask.

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Ok well I can try but I’m worried that I might chicken out or freak or something.I’m not shy when it comes to guys but I am when you ask them out! Well alot of girls like him….and we’re kinda good friends too.

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Cause guys are wusses and girls are kickass

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Being rejected is better than never knowing what could have happened.

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My friend told me that he would actually go out with any girl that might ask him out. He likes them for their bravery. I also am scared of rejection.

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Because we want to and we can. We’re sick of waiting around.

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Because it’s fun

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Because we aren’t patient.

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The one and only time I asked a guy out, he turned me down. He did it nicely, but he still turned me down. I won’t ask a guy out again. My self esteem is low enough as it is.

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@cyndihugs I’ve done the same thing as your friend.

As a guy, I love it when the girl asks me out. There shouldn’t be any “rules” about who asks who out.

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Imagine all the guys that have low self esteem because they were rejected by the people they were asking out. If the men give up, and the women give up, no one will be asking anyone out. Then no one will have babies, and the human race will come to a screeching halt as people waste away to nothing, sitting at home and playing video games.

Easy solution. Ask someone else out. Someone’s gotta do it.

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@laureth Or fluthering.

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Because we need to beat the other girls to them! Good guys are so scarce where I am, as soon as one becomes available you need to pounce.

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dont’ complain just go with it

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