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Websites to watch full free movies online?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) November 27th, 2009

I’m home sick, and I would love to watch a full movie online for free with no downloads. Please helppp

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hulu is probably your best bet.

reacting_acid's avatar is the best place for movies. Trust me.

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I use the same website as @reacting_acid

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This site lists lots of free films and sites where you can watch free movies online (for those, scroll to the bottom of the page).

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Won’t the megavideo links just crap out after an hour or so?

sndfreQ's avatar (although sometimes it’s grainy and with Russian subititles)

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@KatawaGrey Yes, but there’s a way to get passed that ;D

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oops! i didn’t read the description carefully! i apologize

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You can watch full movies online free with no downloads.

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