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Moving to New Zealand/Australia

Asked by spywacko (324points) February 18th, 2008

I’m currently living in Chicago and work as a designer. Does anyone have any experience in moving to either location? Will I need a job sponsor before I go? Also, about how much should I have saved before I make the jump?

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My mom and dad went there and FREAKING loved it. If they werent so old they would move there (and they arent that old they are just wimps lol) great stuff on the web. some of the best sites i have seen for relocating info.

Emigrating to New Zealand | NZ Immigration | Moving to New Zealand | ENZ

New Zealand is a country which people tend to ignore, with some even believing that it is part of Australia! While there is a very close relationship with Australia, New Zealand has its own very active and very vibrant culture, economy and communities of Expats living in New Zealand .

It’s beautiful. It’s far away. And it’s unlike any place you’ve ever visited.
Whether you’re simply interested in touring the country or actually moving to New Zealand, we’ll try and give you some helpful advice to make your trip a little easier.

New Life in New Zealand – A New Life in New Zealand – Everything you need to know about emigrating to New Zealand

Australian Goverment very good site

Featured Articles About Living In Australia

On this page we have grouped links to information of particular interest to people planning to move to Australia

While considering the costs involved in relocating to Australia, there are four major costs to consider; these are the migration application costs , the physical move to Australia (air fares, entries to validate the visa, costs of shipping to Australia etc) , cost of settling in Australia (rent, buying cars etc) and other discretionary and miscellaneous costs. To summarize, it has been found that on an average, the total costs involved in relocating to Australia are as follows: AU$ 12 – 18 000 for a single migrant, AU$ 20 – 24 000 for a couple, AU$ 30 – 40 000 for a family of 3 or 4 and AU$ >50 000 for a family of >4.

If you are a skilled migrant seeking work in the health sector and want to move to Australia permanently your skills will be highly sought after.

Emigrating to Australia | Moving to Australia | Living in Australia

Australia’s migration rules are complex and can be subject to frequent change. Therefore, potential migrants may choose to seek the assistance of a migration agent who can help assess the chances of success. In theory, they also should be able to ensure that the whole process is more efficient and faster than going it alone

As a result of skill-shortages caused by a booming economy, the Australian Government is very keen to attract skilled migrants to become permanent residents of Australia
Once you decide to migrate to Australia and your paper work is in progress, you may want to think about the move. These pages contain some good information and advice about what you must do before you leave and about what happens when you arrive.

The Australian culture and attitude to life is very unique in a world where issues are taken out of context and many things are taken too seriously. Their attitude and national pride has evolved over the years, in what is still a very young country. This land is now becoming one of the most popular countries for Expats to relocate , due to a mixture of the weather, the laid back attitude to life and potential for the future.

Australia & New Zealand Job and Career Resources

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@artemisdivine, You’re like a human Google. Well done!

mirza’s got it right, I am an American who moved to NZ about 10 months ago. There are several ways to go about it. There are skills shortages in several fields, though I’m not sure design is one of them. Check Immigration NZ for specifics.

My route was to find some job leads on and do a few phone interviews before coming over. I basically had a job lined up if I wanted it, but wanted to see the small town where they were located before committing my family to the move.

So, I entered NZ on a tourist visa. I told the immigration officer that I was here for a job interview and he enthusiastically wished me good luck! When I got to Kerikeri and met the folks at Vianet, I quickly accepted the job.

I then went about the process of securing a work permit. I couldn’t legally work until I had one and the process took a few weeks to complete. So, I took that as an opportunity to explore my new surroundings a bit by taking day trips to various points of interest.

Once I was working and the family was on their way to join me, we applied for residency. That process takes about 6 months. We hope to hear about that soon, but fully expect to get it based on the number of points on our application.

Anyway, I could drone on, but the moral of the story might be that if you want it to happen, you can make it happen! Now that I’m here, I realise it’s really not that difficult to make a move like this.

Feel free to ask me for specifics if you want to know more, either here or by private message.

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As for costs, yes, it is expensive (plane tickets, shipping crap, er… stuff, passports, visas, housing expenses, etc.)! But, hey, you only live once!

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And Australia is the shiz!

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@seqdeha: I have never been to New Zealand. But i was wondering how much of the atmosphere depicted in Once Were Warriors is true ?

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@mirza, I haven’t read the book, nor seen the film, but I can say, especially here in the Far North, there is a lot more racial tension than I expected, sort of a cross between Black/White and Native American/White relations in the States. It’s a bit more open here, too, with “political correctness” derided pretty much universally. There is less tension the farther south you go, but that’s probably just because there are also fewer Maori the farther south you go.

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You should contact my friend Jason Sutter who did this very thing!

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A friend of my recently made the move to New Zealand and used a New Zealand Immigration Consultant that he said was just brilliant. Their Website is stacked full of information ofg New Zealand information at can be viewed at link

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I came to Australia about 6 years ago as a Painter. At the time I was dating my then girlfriend (she is an interior designer). I brought her over here (to Western Australia) a few months ago on a Spouse Visa. We used First Choice Australian Migration to do the visa – they provided a free initial assessment to verify that she was eligible for a visa, and and took care of the visa process for me. I highly recommend them!

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