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What do you do to keep yourself productive?

Asked by chad (694points) February 18th, 2008

I have recently begun to notice that I am slacking off in my studies and social life with my friends and other people I see on occasion. Any suggestions of what you do, or would do? Thank you!

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Frequent breaks helps me. Setting short attainable goals.

I am a web designer / developer so for me it’s…Finish is this graphic and I’m going to go outside. Or, when I finish this script, I am going to play a game.

I dunno, it keeps me moving along. I also track my time while I’m working, with an application called MyTime (Mac). It tells me how much cash I have made while I work; also a pretty good motivator for me.

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Sleep. That half hour nap REALLY helps to reenergize me.

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oh this is simple. i gave up being productive YEARS ago. life is easier. now i am a total slacker. some call it boredom. waste too much time on the net. on porn. on stuff that doesnt matter. see one day you wake up and realize that you will die. we all die. but one day you GET it. that you will die. and everything you love will die. and nothing lasts forever. and even people who SWEAR that you are their soulmate and they never felt that way about someone before, they will leave you.

so in the end it matters little what we do or how we do it. its liberating.

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@artemisdivine – this realization has the opposite affect on me. The past is meaningless, the future is meaningless – UNTIL you assign them meaning. There is not eternal happiness, there is no ultimate resignation into bliss (what artemisdivine seems the think he/she has accomplished) – there are only moments fleeting and slipping away as we lament and project. In this case it is vital to me to live my life intensely, to make dignified decisions, and bare responsibility for my life. Why? Because i create meaning! We create meaning! This is what makes us human. Life is short, then you die. live it to the fullest and best of your ability so that on your death bed you can enjoy death rather than regret your life.

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@seek2be (a wonderful handle for a person with so much belief in his or her ability
to control his or her destiny) -
artemisdivine just got finished explaining that she’s doing exactly what she decided “live it to the fullest” meant to her.
good lord.
pay attention.
@chad: yes, you may need a nap. you may need a break. you may need fresh air.
you may need new work. try stuff out – but remember, lethargy sometimes
happens because you’ve done all you can with a certain project, and it’s time to move on.

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