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Is it possible to sync Google calendar to more than one Google account?

Asked by Dog (24703points) November 28th, 2009

My spouse set up a calendar of all our events and schedules on Google. I cannot seem to access this calendar from my Google account.

Is there any way to share a calendar or import it so that we can be on the same one without sharing email accounts?

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Your spouse needs to share the calendar with you.

If you also use the “add a friends calendar” on the lower left part of the screen, it’ll ask him for permission IIRC.

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Yep! You can “share” the calendar with another person, you just have to enter their email address in. It’s pretty awesome. I synced my calendar with my Android phone, and sent it to my boyfriend who now has it on his BlackBerry.

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Awesome!!! You guys just made my day!

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<3 Google calendars. When my best friend came to visit me for a couple of weeks last summer, we had a shared calendar that we used to work out our general plans before she got here. So handy!

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I am now finding an iPhone app to access the family calendar on the go! Yay!

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