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Have you ever witnessed the birth of an animal?

Asked by Zen_Again (9896points) November 28th, 2009

Dog or cat, most likely.

Farmers? Cow or sheep probably.

How about an elephant?

This is very cool. Don’t forget to include your personal story of the birth of an animal – preferably wild.


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About 6 mo. after I gave birth to my oldest, I delivered 3 puppies from my dog Dasha…I had her on my bed, on a wee wee pad, I had little scissors and blankets and all was stressful but I was in my element

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I don’t think I could handle it. I wouldn’t know what to do. xD But I suppose I wouldn’t mind small animals… I’ve seen babies being born and I almost passed out. It was like a B-list horror movie.

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Does a sister count?

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^sisters are animals.

to the original question: nope! only on video.

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Those of you not on tiny cells – you should check out the clip – it’s worth the 3 minutes of your time. I was literally blown away – and quite moved.

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Do my teenaged kids count? I didn’t know they would become animals.

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Yes. Grew up on a farm. Other than being crop farmers, we had sheep. I have no idea how many lamb births I’ve witnessed. Plenty. I don’t know what to say about that. I remember that a couple of times when a birth went badly, my parents put the lamb in the oven to keep it warm and dry.

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@ninjacolin- I know that, I was joking
@PretentiousArtist – HAHAHAHA YES!

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ooh! I saw a butterfly being born! Does that count?

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That film clip was fantastic, I was a nervous wreck until the baby started breathing.
I have given mouth to mouth to pups on numerous occasions, I was thinking it would be a hell of a job on an elephant!. I did think the 3 instant replays of the baby popping out was a bit excessive!

Puppies, kittens, colts, calfs, hatching birds. I love the way animal mothers are so matter of fact about the whole thing. I had an english cocker bitch, who would just stand up, get into her squat position, give one grunt and out popped a pup. She was so nonchalant. She would then supervise while I cut the cord and cleaned it up. When I gave it back to her, she would take care of the spots I missed and snuggle up with it until it was time for the next one to arrive. As time went on and the pups became more mobile, she would lie on her back in the whelping box, with her back foot propped on the pig rail and the pups would clamber all over her to nurse. I loved that little bitch.

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@rooeytoo—It was great – I actually enjoyed the instant replays – saved me from backing up and repeating the clip. But then I’m old, and need help just going to the bathroom.

Apropo another grammar question here, not that you asked nor should you care; it’s calves, not calfs.

Thanks for writing. Lurve.

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I’ve witnessed the birth of a kitten, and a human.

When my cat was about to give birth, she tried to choose my lap to give birth in and wanted constant petting and reassurance. We had set up a little box for her, all warm and cozy, in a corner. So, I gently moved her there and was talking to her and petting her the entire way through. It’s weird, but she really did seem to appreciate it.

The human birth was my best friend’s baby. I’m slightly OCD and I was wondering if I was going to have problems with anything, but all of the blood and whatnot was the farthest thing from my mind. All you can focus on is the little baby, especially when they start to sound concerned about anything.

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heheheheh, oops, I too am getting old and dotty! It is a wonder the spell check didn’t tell me it was incorrect! cheers.

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Anybody watch as their child was delivered? I have both times, and have cut the umbilical cord myself, of which I am proud.
At the time, I was mortified, shocked and astounded; now – just very proud.

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More than I can count. Cats, dogs, cows, horses, pigs, tigers, snow leopards, clouded leopards, caracals, servals, ocelots, kinkajous, binturongs.

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@syz Any (real) pics of the caracal? I have seen only one in my lieftime – and some friends of mine (wildlife lovers) think they no longer exist. Only in the (NatGeo) films.

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The clip was amazing. I have a soft spot for elephants. my half Siamese cat wouldn’t let me leave her so I gratefully watched her birth her kittens. @rooeytoo Is there a reason you did the cord cutting instead of leaving it to the dog?

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Sure. Kittens, puppies…
@Simone_De_Beauvoir What were the scissors for?
@DrasticDreamer I know the cat appreciated it! I had a cat who was having her first litter. I sat with her through the first two, but then had to get up to do something, and she came after me….with a kitten halfway out! So I got her back and didn’t leave again. She didn’t need me the second time, though.

@PupnTaco LOL! I found out recently that if you put something, anything out in front of the house someone will take it. I wish I’d known about that when my kids were teenagers!

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@faye – probably just overly cautious but the worry was that momma might chew it too close in which case if there were bleeding, it couldn’t be tied off. Or that again over zealous chewing could result in an umbilical hernia.

I was a handler and the litters were usually out of clients’ dogs so I didn’t want to take chances.

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Well, we had a pair of parakeets who raised 3 babies… I didn’t witness either the egglaying or the hatching, but seeing the little pink ‘bubblegum’ chicks turn into feathered replicas of their parents was pretty cool.

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@Zen_Again My pics of that period were in my pre-digital age. I haven’t gotten a scanner yet to load them on my computer.

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@syz When you do.. PM me?

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Humans and kittens—many, many kittens.

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@syz You can buy printers at Walmart for $39.99 that include a scanner….

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Tons of calves and horses more importantly, MY horse.
Piglets, kittens, lambs, puppies, chick eggs hatching, snake eggs hatching and a few hamsters.

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I’ve seen that elephant clip before…so amazing. It’s crazy that she made no noise at all during it.

Only birth I’ve seen is videos, and the birth of my son…which apparently I blocked out because my husband tells me I saw him crowning and told them to take the mirror away lol. I don’t remember that part at all.

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@casheroo I didn’t see the clip, but all other mammals have a MUCH easier time of it than humans do…..

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No but I have witnessed the slaughter of chicken. chop-head-off. Pretty cool to look at, but the smell… was not nice.

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Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cows, Pigs, sheep, people, chickens (egg laying and hatching), Goats, rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice.

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I’ve never witnessed the birth of anything. But I do find it interesting…

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@DominicX – have a look at Zen’s link, that elephant baby really makes an impressive entrance into the world and his mom exhibits maternal instinct at its most amazing.

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Wow. That river of blood was freaky…but that was pretty cool. And I when I said I had never seen it, I meant in person, I did see a video of a dog birth once and on TLC I saw a human birth (though not a view of the actual…you know). :P

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@DominicX – I thought it was so cool the way the momma kept pushing and kicking until she got the baby up and going. I have seen dogs do that, but everything an elephant does seems to have more impact!

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Yes, as a kid on my uncle’s farm. Calves.

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Yes. I was visiting a friend’s house in rural Washington State and was eating breakfast next to a big picture window that faced the pasture next door. I realized as I was sitting there that one of the cows in the field was giving birth about five feet from the window. We all stayed and watched the entire event, until the still wobbly calf rose to its feet and started to nurse.

A few years later I took in a stray cat and her brother. We named her Six-Pack because she was pregnant. She went into labor but was unable to be successful, so I took her to the vet, where I assisted with her C-section and helped try to resuscitate the kittens. Unfortunately, we couldn’t save the kittens, but we did save Six-Pack.

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