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Why do babies like to bounce?

Asked by bob (3193points) December 29th, 2006
All babies seem to like to bounce. Why?
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little babies like anything womblike. they like to be bounced gently because its how they moved thru the world in utero. they like shushing sounds and hearbeat sounds because that's what the world sounded like in utero. and, they like to be swaddled because that's the way their bodies felt in utero (cramped space in there). eventually they aren't into that stuff anymore, but its all very soothing for awhile. so says the author of 'happiest baby on the block,' and it all did wonders for my nephew when he was an infant.
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It turns out all that gentle bouncing and being held over the head and swung lovingly around and other kinds of good fun is good for babies' brain development. I found a great comment on "rough and tumble" (for older children) play in a favorite parent book of mine, The Science of Parenting. "Rough and tumble boisterous play, which can transport children into states of joy and often results in a child's bursting into squeals of laughter or delight." (p.104) This kind of play also helps a child manage emotions and stress in later life.

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