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My cell phone won't hold a charge. How come?

Asked by susanc (16104points) November 28th, 2009

I accidentally left the home charger in Vancouver B.C. and the crappy B&B won’t send it to me. It charges fine in the car but then
uncharges very quickly. What to do?

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There is a possibility that the auto-charger does not fully charge your phone.
(My auto-charger is not nearly as fast at charging my phone as the wall charger.)

You also may need to re-set your phone and/or the battery might be failing and need replacement once you have ruled out the auto-charger as the culprit.

Your best bet is to purchase a replacement charger and see if the issue continues.

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I think your batter is dying and not holding a charge well. Or, maybe it is showing all bars, but really is not fully charged? Still it should be the same no matter where you cahrge home or car.

I can’t believe the B&B won’t send your charger, but would the postae be just as much as buying one?

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Phone batteries lose their charge over time and a number of factors contribute to battery depletion such as, climate, age, how long you charge for etc. Batteries have a memory, like if you leave it on to charge all night long, this will shorten the life of your battery.

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@FishGutsDale That’s not true for all batteries, just so you know.

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If its the battery, you can get new ones relatively cheaply at places like Radio Shack or other basic electronic stores.

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@chelseababyy I’m talking about mobile/cell phones, which are Lithium Ion. These are in most mobile phones these days, as well as other types of electrical goods. But yes not all batteries.

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@FishGutsDale “Although over charging batteries can be a problem with any battery chemistry, a well-designed Li-Ion system will include a power management circuit in the charger that can accurately detect when the battery charge cycle is completed and will terminate the charge.”

Good Lithium Ion batteries should not be effected by being “over-charged”. I charge mine CONSTANTLY and have never had any issues with any of my phones having this problem.

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Well, my ancient phone wouldn’t hold a charge, and eventually I took it into the Verizon store.

Turns out that my battery had swelled, and it no longer had complete contact with the electronics. Or something.

So…check your battery. You might need a new one. I think mine was ~$30. Not bad.

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