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What is the recommended minimum daily caloric intake for adult males?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) February 19th, 2008

There seems to be many differing “expert” opinions on this, so I thought I’d go with general consensus. Oh, if it means anything to the number, I’m a larger sized guy: 5’11” 230ish lbs.

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You should not preoccupy yourself with a minimum caloric intake or eating fat free and low carb, low calorie food. What you should really do is eat in moderation, the reason that there are recommended serving size on most products is to give you an idea of what should be good for the average guy of 170ish lbs. The best thing to do is be active and get out and walk, mabye go for a run and eat in moderation. It is totally possible to lose weight on a fast food diet, you just need to be active and eat in moderation. But for a good minimum, around 2500–3000 calories should be good, but try and be active. One other good thing is to find a calorie charing website that you can put in your daily activities and it will give you a customized read out of minimum and maximum caloric intakes per day.

P.S. Sorry if the beginning sounded like a rant, i just don’t like it when people think that by eating less they can lose weight. It is a combined effort or eating less and exercising more. Also I am not a dietitian, I am actually a high school student, but I do have some experience with this stuff, but do look at a calorie plotting website they will help you with making good decisions

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Missa the Dietetic Intern (LauratheRockStar’s affiliate)

Ok Bubs, you may not listen to homeslice above me because he’s a high school student. However, his overall advice is not that bad…. and here’s the reason why

There is no ‘magic minimum’ calorie number, there are general guidelines to promote weightloss, and to do that effectively a dietitian would need to know more than just your height and weight.

Your behavior and willingness to change will be the biggest factors in helping you achieve your weightloss goals. If you are sincere in your desire to lose weight in a healthy manor I recommend the seeing a registered dietitian and/or checking out the following websites:

“” and “”

but just for kicks… here are some basic nutrition equations that can be performed with just a height and weight:

HT: 5’11’’ – 71” ~180cm
Weight: 230# ~ 105 kg

Body Mass Index= WT / HT^2 = 32.4
BMI of 30–35 puts you in the category of obese

average person requires 30kcal/kg body weight and .8grams of protein/kg
30×105kg = 3150kcal per day
minus 500 kcal to promote weightloss = 2650 kcal/day
.8×105kg = 84gm protein

so there are the numbers… not that exciting right?
check out the websites and consult a RD if you need help with your weightloss.

You can do it Bubs, congratulations on taking the first step and asking for advice… keep fighting the good fight and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Good luck!

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