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Could i send a long message to a Verizon Wireless Phone?

Asked by anon30 (334points) November 29th, 2009

I know i cant send pictures to it by
but how do i send like a long message? or can i?

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Yes you can send a long message….I think the only limits about texting when it comes to Verizon is that if YOU are using Verizon and are sending a message to a non-Verizon phone, they will only receive the first 160 characters. Which is such a hassle and if there is a way around this that I don’t know about someone should fill me in :)

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What about email – to – verizon? is it @vzwtext? or just @vzwpix?

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Wait are you trying to email a message or text it?

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email it to a verizon cell.

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could the message b long?

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If it is via email yes, via text no..

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text messaging is done with a protocol called SMS. That stands for Short Message Service, hence why it is limited to 160 characters. Some phones allow a sender to create a message longer than 160 characters and it simply sends it as however many messages it takes (message 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3). The receive side will get these seperate sends with a header showing how many SMS compose the whole long message. So to answer your OP, it is yes and no depending on if the senders phone and carrier allow for longer composition. It still is going to transmit 160 character max characters. The receive phone many have options to try to put those multiple messages back together so you can read them in proper order.

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