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Sylvania Mp3 Video Player Format error?

Asked by Resistka (160points) November 29th, 2009

Okay I just got a gift, a Sylvania Mp3/Video player, Music works fine but Videos do not, It tells me there is a Video format error. I did what I read in the manual paper, Convert video to .Avi set resolution to 320×240 but didn’t do anything, I even used the convertung software the product supplied.

Perhaps its a computer problem, I can not play the Converted videos on my computer, I can but no audio because I am missing Mp3 – Media layer 3 or whatever Codec.

If you think it can be solved by the codec, can you please give me a link?

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That sounds like a stormcloud of poop.

All I can say is VLC and MPEG Streamclip

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I got it working, turns out it was the missing codec. Its dumb but I got it

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Convert FLV to MP3 for Sylvania mp3 player
best Sylvania mp3 converter here.

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