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What can I put on the top of my holiday tree?

Asked by tinyfaery (42728points) November 29th, 2009

I am looking for something non-traditional. A star or angel is too religious and a snowflake in not appropriate either.

My winter holiday is called Giftmas. I thought maybe a gift-wrapped package ornament. Any other ideas?

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How about a picture of your family on a gift-wrapped ornament?

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How about one of those big handmade bows? Leave the trails flowing down the tree.

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Thinking outside of the box…. a disco ball?

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a gift box?

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Obviously a condom.


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A jellyfish!

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You can think of stars in a non-religious way. Other than that, the most preposterously wrapped small gift you can make.

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With glasses!

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Link. Check out Step 8! although I guess it is still an angel…
How about Yoda?
This and that are also nice.
Some people make flying spaghetti monster tree toppers.
For a more traditional winter-type theme, you could use a cute snowman.

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This person put a windvane rooster on top of theirs. And this article suggests:

An example of something you collect, such as three Beanie Babies tied together with a big bow,

Something you like, such as a dragon,

A reminder of someplace you have traveled, such as a model of the Eiffel Tower,

A representation of something you like to do, such as a motorcycle model if you ride or crossed mixing spoons if you cook or silk flowers if you garden,

An example of your favorite animal or mythological being, such as a lion, a cat, a phoenix, a fairy, or a dinosaur,

Or even a family member, possibly a laminated and trimmed photo of you and your wife.

Basically, you can put anything that fits and doesn’t weigh too much on top of your tree. Peacock feathers, glitter-covered pine cones, a big piece of gaudy jewelry, a decorated sugar cookie, a snow man made out of styrofoam balls, a piece of plastic fruit or a Carmen Miranda-type mass of fake fruit, a round ball in whatever color seems to sum up your tree, an origami creation made out of shiny paper, a favorite hat, a pretty scarf, a fancy sock, a glittery evening glove, just about anything you want.

This person made a felt Cthulhu to go on top of their tree. You could modify it to a jellyfish or even an octopus if you want.

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a tiny faery

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@avvooooooo awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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@rangerr Did you see the second picture? It LIGHTS UP!!!

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Sarah Palin`s book

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We put a sombrero on the top of our tree. Any hat works though.

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@airowDee Only if you’re doing an irony tree. You could put that on there, things that glitter that aren’t gold… ; )

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A reeeeally intricate ribbon bow. My brother and I have one we’ve been reusing for years; the smaller the present it’s on, the better. Best if you can’t even see the tree under it.

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You might just go to Goodwill and see what speaks to you.

Giftmas, really? You mean because you give gifts not because you receive them right? ;P

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A picture of yourself

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One of my friends has a Santa themed tree, so she tops it with a Santa.

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@augustlan We have an old world Santa that sits on top of our tree. It’s been with us for 17 years now. Santa and snowmen is our theme. :)

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Snow…hahahaha. I’m trying to stay relevant to our lives. No snow here. ;)

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Personally, I generally opt for a pink flamingo or some other bird on the top of our tree (when we have one).

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@tinyfaery Yeah… The last time we had snow where I live was 20 years ago.

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i have a bird on top of mine – from the craft store. they have clips for feet.

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Update (especially for you @jca):

One of our fellow jellies sent me an awesome holiday tree topper—Buffy, dressed from the season 1 finale titled “Prophecy Girl”. The more I look at it the more I love it. I don’t have a way to share a picture. If you really want to see it, pm me. It can be arranged.

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