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Ladies: when buying handbags and wallets, do you insist on buying expensive brands or is that not part of your decision?

Asked by jca (35976points) November 29th, 2009

this past weekend i bought a new pocketbook and wallet. this made me think about previous pocketbooks i’ve owned. i have had bad luck with department-store quality pocketbooks – they’ve not worn well, gotten shabby looking within a few months and as a result, i did not keep them long. my last one was a Coach brand, and i bought it at an outlet, and it’s lasted about 3 winters (in summer i usually use a more summery style). The one i bought this weekend was a cheaper one, from Macy’s – about $90 before the sale, $65 on sale. My only requirement for any pocketbook besides the style is that I like them to be real leather, and i usually won’t spend more than $200 because i am rough on my pocketbooks. This one is leather, and it’s purple. I like it a lot but based upon my past experience it won’t be around for more than a few months.

i started wondering if other women only will buy name brands, like Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Gucci, Chanel, etc. or if they will buy a department store quality one like mine, no particular brand name, or will they buy a lesser quality one,, for example from a bargain store like Walmart, Kmart, Target – to name a few, because price matters to them.

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For me, it’s all about the usage I will get out of it plus how it looks. I currently have a pleather purse from Wet Seal, with gold embellishments, and one of those flat type wallets, also from there. For both I paid around 50, and they’re serving the purpose. I do love Coach, Chanel, LV, etc, however I don’t have the money for them. Plus the fact that I like to switch it up every so often. I do have a small Coach bag that my mother gave me for being in her wedding party, however I really don’t use it too often. Maybe if I found a designer bag that I REALLY liked, I’d definitely save up and buy it.
But having a 40 dollar purse that is great in every aspect, is fine with me.

And might I add, I like decently big purses. Not disgustingly huge ones, but big. My boyfriend is always giving me his crap to hold, and I need to put it somewhere!

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I beat hell out of handbags and pocket books and yes, I buy good ones. I didn’t used to. I have a vuitton bag thats been run over, lost in the desert and washed in the machine. I have a filson leather bag that’s been beat up too. They still look ok. Another thing I’ve got my money’s worth out of is watches.

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I buy what I can afford… especially if its on sale.

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Price matters to me… I won’t spend over 50 bucks on a purse because not only am I hard on them, I get bored with them quickly. My billfold does not usually even match my purse, it’s whatever I got for under 20 bucks. I’m on a pretty tight budget, so my money goes on more important things…Shoes!

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So far, people have justified spending $50 for well-made bags. I can see why… they don’t want the thing falling apart the way a counterfeit bag would probably do.

But I see absolutely no reason for a $2000 bag. Just because someone is able to make such a huge purchase, doesn’t mean they should. In fact, It’s those very people who the federal government should tax more, since they have obviously extremely and literally disposable income.

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Not part of the decision. I get 90% of my stuff at garage sales and second hand stores.

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i insist on buying nonexpensive bags lol

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I usually buy cheap ones from the thrift store, funky ones handmade by hippies or sold at places like the Renaissance Fair, or I make them myself. Brand names make me laugh, but I insist they be functional. It needs to hold my knitting (when applicable) and at least a paperback book.

In the winter I just stow the important bits in my coat pocket.

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I don’t do brand names. I’m not a billboard. But I do buy quality pieces that look expensive. But, no, you won’t catch me with a COACH bag or Fendi shades. That’s unnecessary imo.

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I like a nice purse, but the last Coach bag I bought was from, and cost me $30. It had never been used.

I’m more picky about size and length of strap than anything else.

I never buy retail for a purse, unless it’s at TJ Maxx or some place that discounts. My favorite purses come from craft fairs.

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I don’t insist on buying anything expensive. If it’s in nice shape and it works for what I want then that’s enough.

When choosing a purse I am too more picky about size, pockets, zippers, strap etc..

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I go for cheap. I would never buy a “statement” bag just so people will think I spent a lot of money on it.

I get my good bags from a vegan shop, since I don’t buy leather so they tend to be a little pricey. But when I can find cheap vegan bags and wallets for cheap I’m all for it.

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No. I go by what looks cute and affordable, and what I feel I can use with any outfit. My wallet is white leather, and I’ve had it for years. I need to replace it but I hate replacing something I love and trust.

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I buy what I can afford. For my birthday once I received a beautiful Chanel purse and I love it. But I wouldn’t have bought it myself. There are plenty of lovely no-name purses that are just as good as the expensive designer ones.

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It’s not the price but the brand I have loved since my teen years isn’t inexpensive. I justify my purchases by the example the bags hold up very well with minimal care 15 years and more. I’ll take my Brahmin brand of leather bags over a designer named cloth bag any day. I get a ton of compliments on them from co workers who complain about the ugliness and priciness of the designer bags their wives and daughters insist on.

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It definitely has to be functional. It could say “Walmart” in big bold letters on the side, and I’d buy it as long as it performed like I need it to. But, a cute one doesn’t hurt. ;)

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On the contrary. I do not use anything that advertise who made it visibly on the product. I loved Coach when they first started—just great leather bags that they would fix forever. When the name went on the outside is when I stopped buying them. And I never by anything with little insignias of any kind on the shirts, jackets, or anything. Just quirky me. I also try hard to never buy anything I see advertised on TV—for example, medicines I would never use if they advertise.

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I am mostly picky about how many pockets it has, that it has two straps instead of one, and how secure the zippers are. I prefer my possessions to not be advertisements for some company so I avoid anything with the company name on the outside.

Some of the best purses I have purchased were on sale at Kohl’s and Marshall’s, both of which are stores that scavenge the clearance and last season items from other big stores. And the best purse I ever got was an apparently unused one that I found at Goodwill. I typically spend less than $10 on a purse and then use it for five or more years.

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I have several different purses, and I generally just go with what looks cute because I switch off frequently. I do enjoy Coach wristlets quite a bit for both the style and the quality, and I was given 2 as gifts in the last few years so I’ve been carrying those around.

I usually just see a cute purse at the mall or Target and go with that.

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I haven’t bought a purse in a very very long time…the last one I bought was either my $2 sushi print purse (cheap but does its job) or my $26 NBC purse from Disneyland. (It is actually a perfect purse, even before the decorations come into play. :D ) Recently, I have just put my wallet in my backpack and not even bothered with a purse…why carry two bags if you don’t need to?

I guess I do like to buy some name brand things (quality issues: backpacks, shoes, jeans) but for the most part I buy what I like.

And for the record, I have never owned a purse that cost more than $30. My money goes to books and tea. :D

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I get all my handbags at Salvation Army or Goodwill. I have a lot of vintage things because they knew how to sew back then.

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i have some brandname purses and wallets, but brandname really doesnt matter to me, if i like it i will buy it…

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I don’t buy extremely cheap items, but I change entirely too often to buy expensive!

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