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How can i be more romantic with my boyfriend?

Asked by pnkmnkygrl (36points) November 29th, 2009

I dont want anything sexual, we were best friends and now we are together. He is really sweet but i want to know how i can show him what he means to me.

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Cuddle time!

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Leave little gifts or cards for him to find. Nothing expensive, maybe his favorite candy, a cd that you make that has your favorite songs on it.

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Hugs are awesome.

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Hmpff… @chyna wrote the same now I see.

It depends on the guy I guess. But for me, it’s the small things. Give him small gifts now and then. Anything from a Lions chocolate bar (“because I thought you might like one, and I know it’s your favorite..”) to a road side flower will do. Small notes. Things that are considerate, cute. And as @rangerr said.

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@oratio “Great minds” or actually romantic people think alike.

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get yourself into sports and act like you know almost everything…guys think its sexy when girls are really smart especially when it comes to stuff they are interested in :)

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Romance = work for most guys. You will make him feel good by acknowledging his guy needs. Feed him (food, I mean) and create a pocket of admiration or appreciation for his manly or guy habits, hobbies, what have you. That will go a long way. The romance stuff is okay in doses, but recognize that you are likely to appreciate it more that he is over the long term.

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than he is…

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@jessicamarie While that can be true about some things, a lot of guys like an independent woman.

Like @rangerr said, cuddle! It’s always the answer.
How about watching a scary movie together, there’s nothing more romantic than having your boyfriend wrap his arms around you and kiss you because you’re scared!

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Beer. Football. Miniskirt.

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@chyna Sorry but that’s what works for me.. XD I don’t need candles and words of affirmation.. an ice cold black and tan and a good football game on the big screen with my girl sitting next to me… well ladies and gentleman.. that’s simply a slice of heaven….=D

(But seriously.. being romantic with someone is all about knowing them. Some people are like me and are content with the basics.. others may appreciate a gift having to do with their hobby.. it’s tough to say without knowing this person)

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My fiancé appreciates all the little things. He loves when I leave him little motivating notes hidden around the house or when I make him a really yummy lunch for work. Guys love that kind of stuff. Maybe surprise him with a nice back rub. Cook him his favorite meal. Anything to show him that you appreciate him.

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@NaturalMineralWater So what do you do to be romantic to your wife?

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@chyna It’s difficult to sum up in just a few words, but as I said before.. it’s all about knowing the person.. It’s the little things. Making coffee for her in the morning before I leave for work.. leaving a note and a clean coffee mug on the counter.. Making her breakfast as I described here .. , buying her the gifts I know she semi-secretly wants, I’ve written her songs with my guitar or my keyboard, flowers at unexpected times (her favorite kinds), saying corny things from time to time e.g. when I hiked to the top of a mountain I found a flower and I brought it back with me and getting on one knee like a dork I say “My lady, a flower from the tallest mountain top in the land.. may its fragrance bring a smile as its beauty fails to match your own..” with my best medieval accent, sneaking up behind her as she cooks, wrapping my arms around her and whispering something into her ear, noticing when her favorite perfume runs out and replacing it, full body massages, candlelit dinners, sneaking an ipod into my pocket, turning on our song and dancing with her in different places….. you know… lots of stuff…

But I do my best not to forget the other things I can do that are romantic, even if they don’t at first seem to be.. like remembering to take out the trash on Thursdays, helping the boys with their homework, maintaining the car and the house, changing diapers and making lunches, putting myself in her shoes during an argument…

Romance is something different for everyone.. but it’s something that I believe gets better as a relationship continues. If by some miracle my current relationship lasts I think it would only get better and better from this point.

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Ever try dancing?

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@NaturalMineralWater See? All the good ones are taken. :)

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@chyna Even the good ones have their problems. Nobody is perfect. =D

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@NaturalMineralWater Don’t burst my bubble. I know there is someone fantastic out there. :)

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@chyna That’s one thing you can always be sure of. There is someone fantastic out there. In fact, there are many.

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