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I like this guy but he's been mouthing off to his friends about me... what do I do about him?

Asked by loveORlust (26points) November 29th, 2009

I went to homecoming with this really nice really cute guy.. then I found out that he said…“I could of gone with someone else but I went with her because it was easy…..” What should I think of that is it typical guy talk or is he a jerk… should I forget about him? what if i still like him?

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Cute and nice are two different things. It sounds like this one might be cute, but nice, he’s not. He’s disrespectful to you. Nice boys don’t trash their dates to their friends.

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Thanks… that helps

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@PandoraBoxx I agree. There is no need for disrespect and there is no need to put up with it. Move on.

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Yeah, Dude sounds like an insecure fellow who has to say nasty things about other people to make himself feel better. @PandoraBoxx could not have said it better. BTW, in my experience, it is not typical for a guy to talk like that about a girl. It is gross and very inappropriate.

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whether he means it, or whether it’s just making himself look good to his friends, it’s still a jerk move, and he’s not worth your time.

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Yes, beat his ass.

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Go with someone else.

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It could be just one of those dumb things that guys do.. we do a lot of dumb things… but after you kick his ass.. if he still wants to go out with you again.. then you know it was probably just one of those dumb things that guys do ..

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If he cares more about what his buddies think than what you think, he’s not respecting you. You can do better.

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Spill the beans and say something to him. Hopefully he will be a cool cat and listen to what you have to say, if not forget him.

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Why do you still like someone who bad-mouths you to other people? He may be cute, but nice he isn’t. Kick him to the curb and find somebody cute and nice.

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i agree. kick his ass, seabass. i think one of the more important things to consider when dating a guy is how he talks about you to his friends. why would you want to be with someone who says negative things? he should be telling them how happy he is just to be with you. not how he only did it because it was “easy”.

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There are plenty of other (and better quality) fish in the sea.

You deserve better. I’ll just quote the ever-wise (and wise-ass) Dan Savage: DTMFA

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Forget about him. He’s an ass. Any guy that likes you will have your back.

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That was completely wrong. You should never be anyone’s fallback plan. You deserve someone who’s thrilled to be going with you, respects you more and is happy to tell people he’s going with you.

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Lowering your standards to be with someone who disrespects you this early in the game is just asking for more of the same. Cut and run.

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