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What do you think of the upcoming Facebook redesign?

Asked by rawrgrr (1559points) November 29th, 2009

Techcrunch recently published a blog post about a new Facebook redesign coming soon. I think it looks nice. Do you like it? Is it a good idea or will it start another war?

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It looks nice, however, I’m not sure I’m properly equipped to deal with all annoying complainers who are going to hate it and make tons of groups about how much they hate it. It happens every time their is a redesign and I’m forced to hibernate for a week or two until the storm passes.

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You will never please everyone on Facebook. Period. No matter how nice and functional the design is, it will spawn several “if 1,000,000 people join this group, Facebook will be forced to change” pages.

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I don’t get why they keep redesigning it. It’s gotten like 3 facelifts in the past year. It was fine originally.

I don’t see anything special about that upcoming redesign. I use the search feature once a month, if that.

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i’m pretty sure they just keep redesigning it to keep it in the news.

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I agree with @Sarcasm. It was fine originally. I still haven’t figured out the last round of updates.

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what more could they possibly do to facebook?!
holy crap

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That’s a big ol’ search bar they’ve got there…

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I don’t see much difference there. I’m with Sarcasm. I wish they’d just leave it alone. That last change was a nightmare. I say it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

@Parrappa people won’t complain if they don’t screw it up again like they did this last time.

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@bluegirl LOLLL, I agree. :-/

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I’m not seeing a huge difference…

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Yes I also agree, the original was fine. Why do they need to keep redesigning it!? I just hope the update isn’t that big.

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I just wish they’d bring back rounded corners.

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I never quite figured out the old design so.. it’s no skin off my nose.

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What’s Facebook?


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I would hardly call it a re-design

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If you don’t know what it is don’t try to find out. THEY WILL HAVE YOU!

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It looks the same to me but I hate how they always change it, I liked the first version but right when I got use to it changed then when I got use to that it on and so forth..

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I like the original design the best. I’m about to give up on facebook and just be an exclusive Flutherite.

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They have changed Facebook several times since I have started on it. Some changes are simply changes. A few seem to make things work a bit better, and a few make things worse. I guess the web designers have to justify their salaries so they keep making changes. The Navy does the same thing. Every time there is a new commander a bunch of things are switched around so he/she can prove that they have made “improvements,” even if they aren’t.

Eh! What ever!

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I just joined in August, so I don’t know what you all are talking about. I like the facebook I’ve seen so far.

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I’m still trying to figure out the difference between Live Feed and News Feed in the most recent update. Seems to be that News Feed decides to hide a few articles here and there randomly.

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News Feed is your top stories; stories FB thinks you’ll like most judging by how many of your friends have commented on them and whatnot.

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@Sarcasm I’ve wondered that too. The only difference that I noticed is that the Live Feed includes all the pink cows, clumsy reindeer and quiz results. What Twilight character are you btw?~

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I think it’s fine. Can’t wait for all the bitching about it even though they’re never going to revert back to a previous design. I liked the current one from the beginning and I’ll probably like this as well (especially since it seems like a minor change).

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You know what? As long as you can set the language as “English (Pirate) beta” then I’ll be happy whatever they do to the rest of it.

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There’s not much of a it’s not anything to worry about. But I agree with everyone else, these constant redesigns of Facebook are unnecessary.

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@robmandu YES! I knew I wasn’t the only one who did that!

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