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Everything old is new again? I'm listening to my old albums on the turntable, reading old books and shunning the kindle, laptop and mp3,4,5,6,7, - are you?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) November 29th, 2009

When I wrote record player – i.e. the turntable – I typoed “turntable” into yurntable which sounds like yearntable – which would be appropriate – Freudian slip n’est ce pas?

Do you listen to, read or watch old stuff? You know, pre-70’s.

Kids need not apply to this question


Side: Just kidding – would love to get the input of youngsters – when is it full circle for you? When is it seemingly retro – and when is something just old crap?

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I so get what you mean.

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I lurve ya – @skfinkel !

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I’m a youngster!
I consider retro to be 80’s and back.
Old crap, 1900 and back.
90’s I consider my childhood, but not retro yet.

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I’ve just been watching Seventh Seal which seems to be considered “old crap” by many of my peers. I really enjoyed it though.

I’m also currently reading Bleak House and To Kill a Mockingbird and enjoying both (yes, this is the first time I’ve read To Kill a Mockingbird, so sue me :P).

So yes, I love old stuff!

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Ah, pre 70’s? Yes, sa’. I have a Victrola that I received from my gf’s Uncle. And, he gave me a few records to go with it. She’s a beauty. Sounds luverly.

Sunday mornings, you’ll catch me putting on old records. All of the old LPs are much, much older than I. Good stuff.

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I love listen to records! Me and my mom used to sit on her bed and talk at night when I was little while we listened to her record player. There is something about the sound of a record that takes me back instantly to my childhood. I also have fallen in love with old movies again. Days of Wine and Roses, To Kill a Mockingbird, Dr Zhivago, Send Me No Flowers I could go on but I’ll stop there. I think there is something about how everything seemed so innocent and pure that I love.

@sebastian_von_tulu At least your reading it now! I think I have read it around 6 or more times. Such an incredible book.

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My records along with 8 tracks, cassettes and most cd’s are long gone. I love my iPod. I have the entire cd collection, both my mate’s and mine, on it. So when we are driving along and there is no radio station we can listen to any music we want. What could be better than that! I also have books on it so when I run I can listen to a book being read to me! And since I hurt my knee and was into swimming instead of running (and actually discovered I like swimming so will be doing that 2 days a week now) I bought a waterproof case for the little iPod shuffle so I can listen while I swim! I love technology!!!

I keep everything I need to know on my laptop and that goes with me most places, like right now, falling asleep at work so I get on the lappy and fluther.

I bought my mate a Kindle for his birthday and he loves it. I might consider one for myself but I think I prefer having the books read to me on the iPod. If he would ever let me borrow the Kindle I would be able to decide.

So nope ZenMan I can’t go with you on this one, I love my toys.

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I finished a book and now I can’t locate the button to download new content. Maybe it’s filled to capacity—do you have to rip out the old pages to make room?

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@ratboy – if you are asking me, I really don’t know, my husband won’t let me have a turn with his. has kindle instructions on it, maybe you can find something there.

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Oh thought @ratboy was just joking.

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I listen to my dad’s records all the time. I lugged a 4 piece record/tape/radio set up to my room plus two huge speakers. Like my dad, I love classic rock. I love almost anything from the 70’s.

The 80’s I find kinda freaky, and I don’t like that as much, except of course tv shows. Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FTW :).

By the way, I’m 19.

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@sjmc1989 – I think you are right, hehehe, it was a joke and I missed it, duhhhhhh

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@rooeytoo I thought it was sweet of you to try and help the situation out anyway even if it was a joke. Major Lurve for that!

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@rooeytoo, thanks for the kind thought.

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I’m with @rooeytoo on this.

That being said, while I’m all about technology; my iPhone is loaded with the likes of Dinah Washington, Stan Getz and Louie Prima right alongside Imogen Heap, Ryan Adams and Gabin.

I may be a graphic designer, but I never create textures in the software. Instead I go out and photograph manhole covers or rotting wood or some such.

I thnk a good mixture of the old with the new is best.

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Polar opposite here, I’m embracing new technology all over the place. I get my music from iTunes and then listen to it on my computer and my iPod. I can understand the appeal of records though.

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@rooeytoo I think what we need here is a little ol’ music-off; I’ll bring the LP’s and 45’s – you bring the gadgets. Youtube at high noon. Be there.


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@Zen_Again – okey dokey, which zen are you on youtube???

(I’ll be the one with head phones)

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@Zen_Again – hehehe you should be easy to pick out!

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;-) Lurve ya

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