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Have you remembered the total lunar eclipse tonight?

Asked by gailcalled (54579points) February 19th, 2008

Maps, times, charts, blah blah, etc here:
Tough luck for Ozzies and Kiwis. 10:00–10-52 EST totality. Make sure older kids see it…next one in 2 yrs..

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no i completely forgot about it thank you so much gailcalled for reminding me ill be sure to be watching it tomorrow

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oh man thanks a ton for the reminder. romantic night with girlfriend = planned

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ya, thanks for the reminder. Have a an observation deck built on my roof – its ognna be a fun night. I hope no one gets too drunk and falls off.

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But it really isn’t tonight so much as tomorrow night? Or did I read that wrong?

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yeah, that page says it’s not till wednesday

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Les, that’s correct: it’s tomorrow night, not tonight.
For the people on the European side of the world: it’ll be more like 3, 4 o’clock of Thursday early morning even. Early rise!

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Ya, I remembered it was tomorrow night, because I put it in my calendar with my other appointments.

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cloudy weather forecast in the northeast. Out of luck.

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Sorry, all, for the right date but wrong day. It is tomorrow….weather forecast does seem dire. Boo hoo. Snowing here now, of course.

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There’s still time to schedule an aircraft ride up above the clouds. ;-)

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The plane chase works better for total solar eclipses. How high can one go in a hot-air balloon or blimp and still breathe. How high is normal cloudcover?

Prof. of Astronomy at Wms. college, Jay Pasachoff, is a die-hard eclipse chaser

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I think one starts to prefer equipment above 10,000 feet. Normal? Cloud cover varies, but local airports and weather agencies will of course know the current conditions.

Hats off to Pasachoff!

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yes thanks plus our local news were all on it . Had a teacher get me started really opens up the “awe” or wow effect for me.

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