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How do you get lipstick off a wall that has flat paint?

Asked by rangerr (15744points) November 29th, 2009

Yes. I know this has been asked before, but the answers weren’t much help.

Mr. Clean magic eraser and Goo Gone just smeared it, as did water and dish soap.

It wiped right off of the gloss paint on the door, but not the flat paint.
Am I going to have to repaint it?

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I have to ask…what were you doing that lipstick got on the wall?

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God-brother made me a pretty picture in my bathroom.

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I am currently painting the inside of my home with semi-gloss so that the icky looking flat paint is gone- i tried the same things that you did- magic eraser, soap and water- it just smeared it and made it look worse. i would recommend painting.

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@rangerr Oh wasn’t that nice of him! Lol. Flat paint sucks for washing. If that magic eraser thing didn’t work, I’d just repaint. Definitely opt for semi gloss this time around!

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We just painted the bathroom, so I’m gonna have to just do that spot for now.

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@rangerr Oh that really sucks. In that case, just paint over that spot.

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I’m sure you’ve already tried it, but just in case: did you try using rubbing alcohol or a makeup remover?

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With more flat paint.

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@EmpressPixie I haven’t tried that. I assumed it’d take off the paint.

Paint it is.

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Kilz primer over the lipstick then re-paint.

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@Dog, I agree with Kilz first. Any oil in the lipstick could seep back through the repainted area and it would always show. Using Kilz before painting should seal it.

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LIghter fluid works great on a lot of stains.

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I would just rub it with cleansing cream, then remove the spot with Dawn detergent.

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@faye, this is off the lipstick story, but I found out that lighter fluid removes bubble gum that has been ground into an upholstered couch.

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Insect repellant spray will often remove stains and I just read that the gel type hand cleaner is also good for assorted stains.

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@lfino and also out of little girl’s long hair!!

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Peanut butter gets gum out of hair pretty well.

My cleaning lady used to take heel marks off the linoleum and black marks off the wall with bleach water. Perhaps that will work for the lipstick as well.

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Then you have to get peanut butter out!

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@rangerr If you are planning on repainting anyway, you might as well try the rubbing alcohol (which I highly doubt would mess up the paint unless it is super sensitive) or make up remover in a small spot.

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@rangerr and @EmpressPixie, I’ve used rubbing alcohol on flat paint before, and it did take a layer of paint off, but it also got off the offending gunk, so if you just swab it really quickly, and if it was painted well in the first place, it should work fine.

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Wait til you see the pretty picture I left in your closet. :D

I’ve found that a quick swipe of even the strongest cleaners won’t hurt paint too much. Just don’t leave it on there. Maybe cleaner, then water to remove it before the chemicals can react too much.

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We took most of it off with rubbing alcohol and then repainted.
Thanks, all!

@avvooooooo My closet is covered in posters of boy bands… You better not have taken LFO down.

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@avvooooooo Ohnoudidn’t.

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@faye, always a good thing to know!

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@rangerr Here, have a cookie.

* Running away! *

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just a side note, when my kids crayoned my walls i used wd40 and that took it off , you know oil to remove oil then i used windex afterwards and it gets it off really welll…just a though

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Try using vegetable oil. Me and my friend were drawing in te mirror with her moms thirteen different lipsticks when she noticed she got it on the wall ( I know, who draws on the mirror with lipstick?) but luckily, we were going to wash our hair with vegetbale oil and eggs so we tried scrubbing it with vegie oil and halleluja!!! It worked(: it chipped the pair a little but it worked.

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Always remember “use the base to eliminate” lip stick has an oily base so anything oily…
My 3 year old put lipstick on the flat paint walls and I put peanut butter (oily base) on the lipstick spot and let it set about 30 mins…wiped that off, and whatever did not wipe off i sprayed hair spray on it, let that work in few mins and wiped right off, then for my piece of mind i cleaned as normal with and all purpose cleaner (fabuloso and microfiber cloth wiped in circular motion works best for these walls) only took me 30 mins tops

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