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Is it possible to get Work At Home (Work From Home:WFH) job from abroad?

Asked by prasad (3854points) November 29th, 2009

Work At Home or Work From Home (WFH)?

Do anyone of you been doing work from home?

I’m thinking of this coz if I don’t do anything now, I’ll be short of money in coming months.
I’m already trying to cut back my expenses; visit internet cafe twice/once in a week, go walking and avoid travelling expenses, no other entertainment, etc. But, I have to pay for rent, food, etc.

I don’t have a computer; so I cannot start jobs like data entry now. If I buy a computer now, I’ll be left with no money at all; I’ve only that much left.

Yesterday, I attended a seminar on work at home of Herbalife. They have Herbalife distributor, which I can start without computer. It is both full time/part time.
What do you think about this?

Is it possible, to get such or other work from home, from abroad?

Anyway, even if it’s computer based, let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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Herbalife is a pyramid scheme, so you won’t make money there, either. Sorry, there is no legal way to earn a living from home without a computer, experience, an investment or a license.

Of course you might try the personals on Craigs list.

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Thank you.

Finally, I’ve got a job now. So, now, I can relax not worrying about money. Job timing is also good, 9.30 in the morning to 5.30 in evening. This job will definitely add to my experience and business contacts. Only thing that I’m not able to find a new batch for my animation course, which had timing from 2 to 6 p.m. Anyways, something will come out.

“Herbalife is a pyramid scheme, so you won’t make money there, either.” Could you explain more? I didn’t understand what you mean. And, also “Craigs list”?

What kinda computer jobs are there? I know Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max, and a little Flash, that’s wot I have to learn in the animation course; web design course indeed (there are HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and more). Besides, I know Microsoft Excel with VBA, Word and Powerpoint. And, ProE (a CAD software), elementary Pro Model (a simulation software); and will be learning Timer Pro very soon (Time Study software).

Are these jobs require me to travel abroad? If yes, I’ll be really happy.

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@prasad I just realized you were outside the US so my answer might not fit your local job market 100%

A pyramid scheme is international though. It is also called a Ponzi scheme after the guy who was very successful at it. The first thing is to have a product that can only be sold directly, that is not available in stores or online, but only person to person by a distributor. Then the idea is to recruit a lot of distributors. The distributor makes money two ways. 1. He makes a profit on the sale of the product. From that profit he must pay a commission to the person who recruited him and 2. He recruits other distributors and gets a % of their profits.

The cost to become a distributor is only about $75—$200 for sample cases but after you find it difficult to sell product they will encourage you to buy more expensive sample kits with much more variety of product costing thousands. The reason the product doesn’t sell is because it is overpriced. There are different kinds of herbal supplements in American and European stores that are cheaper by 30%-40% and no real difference. It must be even harder to sell in Asia because of the number of herb stores and many people are very knowledgeable about them.

Anyway it is difficult to make much money from selling the product and when you want to quit, the guy who is over you encourages you to recruit distributors because you can make money off their sales. You will have to get 50 or more new distributors before you can make as much money as a real job. Just do the math.

Level 1 the 1st distributor in your town
Level 2 he brings in 25 new distributors
Level 3 each distributor brings in 25 new distributors= 625
Level 4 each level 3 distr brings in 25 = 15625

Within a year there are over 16,000 people in your city selling Herbalife products in the community and only the original 26 are makuing any real money from the earnings of the people below. As people become disillusioned they quit, often having paid thousands for sample products and the top 2 levels keep recruiting, moving on too new communities when the old one is played out. The estimate with Herbalife is that1% makes 85% of the money and more than 50% lose money. If you draw 1 person
then below 25 figures, then below 625 figures, then below 15,000 figures you will see why it is called a pyramid scheme.

As far as using your computer knowledge in a home business I only know about conditions in the US. Some people work for corporations from home in customer service but it is not well paid and it is moving overseas where the work is done from call centers because the technological infrastructure to residences is poor. Some people have web building businesses but they are not very secure because their customer base is very small businesses. As soon as a business grows they hire their own IT people. From what I hear in South Asia the competition for jobs with your skills is fierce.

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@galileogirl Thanks for the very nice explanation!

Yeah, competition here is fierce coz of over population. Freelancing web design is dominated by artists computer pros here. I can hardly stand in the competition. I see opportunities in engineering or Industrial engineering for me. I think, I should go ahead with it, at least for now. Later on, I may think of other options like animation and web design.

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There are many way to start work from home:
1.freelance – suitable for those good in writing and have good programming skill. refer,
2.affiliate – suitable for those got knowledge in internet, server or marketing strategy. Refer
3.survey panel – for those know nothing, but still want to earn some extra money. Survey panel seem the easiest site to earn money. There are many legitimate survey site willing to paid for your opinion. Like lightspeed, survey savvy, global test market, american consumer and etc. The key to successful through paid surveys is being a member of as many survey panels as possible. Put in the time and effort it takes to be successful, and you will definitely be rewarded. Reminder: Do not sign up for the site which require registration fee. Most of them are scam. Try visit for some useful inform.

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@socarristo That’s very useful. Thank you very much!

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