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Can anyone explain this weird behavior my cat exhibits?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) November 30th, 2009

So, for the past week my cat has been having this weird habit. After I head upstairs for bed, she will sit on one of the end tables downstairs, face the wall and just stare at it. And it’s at the same exact spot almost every night. She doesn’t do it all night, because she eventually comes up and sleeps on my bed. It is a little creepy.

Why would she do this? She’s about 5 years old and doesn’t like other cats too much (we have a couple). Medically she is pretty fit, a little underweight, but nothing to be worried about.

Anyone else have a cat that does something similar?

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Because she’s a cat.

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All cats have odd behavior; inconsistent and changeable. Staring at nothing is what you see. She is probably viewing something invisible to you, or simply daydreaming about her next mouse.

As long as she is eating and eliminating regularly, not showing aberrant or lethargic behavior and is still the boss, she is fine.

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Monk in a past life?

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My cat did this too, but staring at a bedroom wall.

We finally figured out that there was one spot on the wall where light from streetlamps and headlights from a nearby diagonal street filtered across three back yards, past our blinds, and onto a little dot on the wall, that flickered minutely.

We called it Cat TV, as it appears to be an endless source of fascination for him.

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@aphilotus You know what, that could be it! Light could flash through the blinds on to that part of the wall when cars drive by.

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You do know that cats are CRAZY.

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Yes, I realize that cats are weird and have odd behaviors. I was just wondering if there was an explanation behind this specific one.

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Possibly she experienced something traumatic when younger which has impaired logical reasoning.

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@Flarlarlar Her first owners cut one of her nails too short, causing it to bleed a lot when she wasn’t even a year old.

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In addition to possible intermittent lights as @aphilotus noted sound can also bounce off objects and be more audible in certain areas. The rustle of leaves or perhaps the scurry of a mouse…

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Could be light you can’t see (cats’ eyes are more photosensitive than ours) or it could be a bug or something inside the wall. Their hearing is also more sensitive than ours.

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Maybe she saw a bug there a month ago. One of my cats will stakeout a spot where she saw a bug, for months. I think she expects it will come back at some point.

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@tinyfaery But why would she only do this when I head up to bed?

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@erichw1504: Cats are creatures of habit. Maybe the bug or light or sound was there when you were going to bed. My girl and I used to have a routine when I came home from work. I would walk in, she would jump on the back of the couch, I would kiss her on the head and say “kissy head!” and then we could continue our evening. If I didn’t do that… if I went to the bathroom or dropped my stuff or changed my clothes, she would sit right on that spot on the back of the couch and meow and walk around in circles on that spot until I did it. As soon as I did, she was fine.

This might be the same idea.

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@poofandmook That’s an interesting point. I have noticed that cats are creatures of habit. Especially my orange cat. He’ll get into the most annoying habits like, trying to open cupboards, laying in the bathroom sink (thinking it’s his bed or something), knocking down the same picture on the wall, and more…

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They’re back.

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I BET the house is HAUNTED! GET OUT!!! (Bet it’s the lights…...)

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@ChazMaz – Cats aren’t really crazy. They just want us to think so. They are actually alien invaders from another galaxy that are here to turn us into slaves that will cater to their every need.

And their plan is working, isn’t it?

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@Darwin Got that right!!

Alien cat

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the cat I mentioned above… her new routine is that when I go in the bathroom, she goes in to drink. I have the water in the shower dripping into a bowl… it’s the only way I could get her to drink enough to help with the crystals. Anyway, when she’s done drinking, if I’m in there, she’ll lay down comfortably in the shower and wait for me to leave the bathroom. That’s her more recent routine.

Another that she has is when I settle down to sleep, while I’m watching TV, she comes and lays close to my face. When I roll over onto my stomach, she gets up and settles between my legs, partially resting on one, and that’s where she stays most of the night.

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Any chance there’s an occasional draft of heater-air in that spot? Cats not only sit in spots with heat, but also in spots that once had heat.

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Can cats not just daydream? or relax and have thinking time?

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Are you certain your cat is staring at the wall, and not simply taking a nap? Perhaps this is her way of asking for more attention. Cats often like to find new and bizarre spots to take naps, so I’m willing to bet that end table will only be a temporary bed.

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My cats will sit and stare at a bug that they spot cats are very introverted creatures and sometimes go off in their own world. My one cat Kieara thinks she’s a princess, and expects to adored at two in the morning, she puts her puffy tail in my face until I either pet her or shove her off the bed depending on my mood at the moment. She’s a pain in the butt, yet I find her hilarious if I leave a shiny necklace on the table she’ll slowly put her paw on it and move it towards her when she thinks I’m not looking until she has it then she simply holds it and stares at it hypnotized for a long time. In short cats are weird but I love each of mine for their quirks.

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she is meditating. Cats do that. They are very wise.

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When it is time to head for bed, does the house get much quieter? If so, maybe you have a mouse living in the wall and she hears it moving about in there and that holds her attention.

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