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Can we congratulate Janbb on 10K?

Asked by zephyr826 (5600points) November 30th, 2009

Hooray for @Janbb, who always make us think! Join me in huzzah-ing the newest member of the 10k club, (and envying those who have gone before us…)

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Hip-hip-hoorayyyy!!!!!! Congratulations! :D

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Over and over again, I find myself GAing what you write, and thinking “I wish I’d said that.” Hooray!

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Fluthering flutherites, 10,000?! Congratulations!

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Janbb, you rock! Congratulations!

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P.S. Huzzah-ing right now.

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Congratulations, janbb, on entering the 10K club! ::starts slicing cake::

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@aprilsimnel as long as the cake came from the frizzer.

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Congrats janbb!

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I will be honored to show you your suite on the east side overlooking the bay and whitewater.

Should we add a Fluther Icehouse to house the penguins who will be visiting our Janbb?

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Woo hoo! Congrats!

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@janbb Congratulations! You must be a truly erudite Flutterite!

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Oh my god!!!! Awesome! Congratulations!

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Congrats, bb! Well deserved.

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What is @janbb, a “K” collector?

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We can, we can! Congrats!

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@syz I’ll dance a can-can for @janbb.

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Congrats! After all, that’s a lotta lurve you got there… :)

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Absolutely, congratulations!

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Congrats @janbb! Now I have a reason to do more baking I hope you like fanaciers ( little almond cakes)

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations by all means. Not bad work at all for a flightless bird. I never knew there were penguins in New Jersey before, but evidently there are and they do good work.

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Congrat’s. Your cake is in the frizzer. Enjoy.

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Well done!! Congrats!

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I’m new to this and don’t really know people yet, but congratulations!

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Congratulations to fluther’s most scholastic penguin!

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Congrats to the Coolest Penguin on Fluther!

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Congrats to the coolest penguin to travel Europe on Fluther!

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It must be getting crowded up there in the castle!

Congrats to the newest 10k-er

Say hello to everyone up there for me.

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Yess! Great job!

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Happy happy 10er

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Way to go Janbb!!!!! It’s been a long time coming. Take a bow!!!

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Fire up the ice machine!! Here comes the penguin.

Congratulations @janbb!!

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Congratulations! Keep up the great Fluthering! :D

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Congratulations to a Jelly that has cracked me up countless times. You are a most wise and venerable penguin and I hope you stay to 20,000.

we could use less like me and way more like you

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If I congratulate you again, will you let me drive the Zamboni?

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Holy reading penguin Batman, what have we got here? Congratulation and well done Janbb!

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Keep on going.

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Woo Hoo! Cake for all! Congrats Janbb

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Congrats to Janbb!! Well done, well done!!

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I’m finally not late to a 10k party, so I feel there are 2 congratulations in order.

Your pancakes don’t need to be kept in the frizzer, though, seeing as you are a penguin.

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Congrats, and welcome to the 10 K club!

make sure you check out the mens room sinks. Very plush!

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@zephyr826. Doh! had just seen janbb go through 10k on the last q I answered and thought, I must start this off :-)

@janbb. Congrats and a great job :-)

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@janbb is my favorite “adult” penguin and one of my favorite fluther friends. Actually, it often seems more appropriate to use the “adult” designation when describing my favorite young penguin, @Tink1113, than it does @jannbb. I don’t mean to suggest that @janbb is immature or unsophisticated…..she is far from that. But, she is fun loving and high spirited. And she always seems to have something nice to say, frequently complimenting jellies or offering them words of encouragement.. She has always been right there for me and is a jelly I appreciate and admire, love and respect. When I see that penguin with its nose in the book it makes me smile…..first, for the wonderful person it represents and then for the post I am about to enjoy, that is certain to be pleasant, kind and fun and had surely been most generously delivered from a very warm and loving heart.
Congratulations, @janbb…....I love you and I lurve you!
See ya….Gary/wtf

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OOooo!! Congrats @janbb!!

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late again

Woot! A big ol’ congrats to you! A job well done!

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Congraulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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Congratulations, @janbb! Welcome to the house!

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Wow. All these 10k folk are appearing all over the place.

God for you. You deserve it !

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Here, have some cake. Get it? Because your avatar in a penguin? Of course you get it, you must be pretty smart to get 10k.

Even though your name isn’t Steven…

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Hurrah for your great work! I always feel better knowing we have a librarian watching over us and helping to keep us on the straight bibliographic path. Thank you for all your contributions.

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Holy-Moley! Congrats, Jan!
About time too, I must say.

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Congrats Janbb! Your lurve is most deserved!

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CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite French-speaking-waddling Penguin on Fluther!
I lurve you Janbb!

@whatthefluther Aww shucks! <3

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yay!!! congratulations!

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How awesome is that!??? Happy 10k day! :D Your avatar is awesome and always will be! :) That cute penguin makes me smile all the time :) CoNgRaTeZ!!!

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Congratulations! Waddle on!

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CONGRATS!!!! Excellent job! I will make you cupcakes as classy as you!

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Hey @Janbb;
Excellent work!

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Can we? Are we capable? Yes.

Will we? Hummm… :D

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Congrats! Lurve to you and many more!!!

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Congratulations and much lurve to the cutest little Penguin around!

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Happy day! :)

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Congratulations!!!! sorry i’m late

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Boooyaaa! You did it. Congrats.

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Oh, hey. I’m way late. Congrats @janbb.

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My favorite little penguin and Jake’s Bubby to boot…It doesn’t get any better than that….
And she can dance

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@SeventhSense I love that movie more than any other movie in the whole wide penguin world!

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Thanks so much everyone! It is a pleasure being in the Jelly community. Never thought I’d be friends with a squirrel, brilliant and artistic dogs, regal grammarians, a kangaroo and others from Down Under, my little penguin buddy, shape-shifting Zen masters, grumpy old meshuggeneh New Yorkers, six year old mailmen, tinyfaeries, and so many others…...Not to mention Gary, aka wtf who is sui generis.

L’Chaim and here’s to many more wasted hours! Party on!

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Yay!! Congrats @janbb!! I’m going to go sit on some ice and read a book in your honor! :)

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You are such a classy penguin with a great sense of humor. Congrats @janbb! :D

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Rock and roll!

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shouldn’t @pdworkin be appearing right about now to say, ”@Jannbb: What are you humble?”

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Shibby-di-doo-wap! POW!

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Maybe I should change my avatar to the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland since I always seem ot be late to these vital events. Being late, however, does not change the warmth of my feelings for the incomparable @janbb on her wonderful achievement.

One of my favorite Flutherers and a joy to have as part of the collective, @janbb delivers kind, practical, intelligent responses that add to the quality of life around here in a major way!

Congratulations, my fine Fluther friend!

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@Marina gee, thanks!

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Supergeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil !

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@janbb Not only a great flutherer but a great mom as well!

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@colin And that’s the best comment of all!

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Sorry I’m late to this party! Had a stupid computer virus…

CONGRATS @janbb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@chaingarden Wanna come home? I’m baking brownies…

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I’ll eat some brownies.

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@erichw1504 Got one here with your name right on it.

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I am so there!

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Brownies and cake from the frizzer.

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Way late, but Congrats!

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Wayyyyy late, but Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@petethepothead, if you’re late, I’m a disgrace.

Happy 10K @janbb! I think you’re lurverly. Sorry I’m so late. You’ll be at 20K soon enough!

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