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Who knows how to make a quick and easy rube goldberg project?

Asked by pterodactylover808 (139points) November 30th, 2009

I am doing this very last minute and I need some EASY reactions and quick ideas… physics projects… what a bore..

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I think that doing a Rube Goldberg last minute is a pretty heady task. I guess first I would put my head in the toilet and tape my hand to the flush handle. As you pass out yor hand will flush the toilet allowing you to breath. As you exhale you blow some tissues that are on top of the toilet and they float to a candle on the counter. The candle ignites the tissues and the tissues fly up and ignite the curtains. From there the elderly couple next door, whom had been copulating, die of fear from the fire and their first emergency medic alarms go off and send the paramedics and the police to the neighborhood. I could go on….but something stopped me….Oh! Dear lord! There’s a fire next doo

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Such a concept completely misses the point.

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Ouch indeed, sorry but complexity to the absurd extreme is the reason for the Goldberg device’s existence.

Here’s sincere good luck wishes to you…

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Can you borrow someone’s Mousetrap game?

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no i hthink thatd be considered… “cheating”.... so far I have a ramp that a marble falls down and hits some movies in domino style which hits abig thing of duck tape… i have poker chips cards pool sticks dvds movies buckeds VHS cases ribbons etc marbles bubble wrap

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Actually, my daughter and I did something like this a few years ago. First we looked to see if we had any marbles (we found a few – I haven’t lost them all yet). Next we went out to the garage and scavenged stuff. We found some clothes hangers, the leg of a baby doll, duct tape, a length of dishwasher hose, a spool of thread, some string, a spoon and several other things.

We put it all together so that when you pulled a string (as if you were going to ring an old fashioned door buzzer), a marble was released to run down the dishwasher hose. At the bottom of the hose it hit the bowl of the spoon, which flew up to whack the doll leg, which then kicked yet another marble into a plastic funnel and then dropped it onto a bicycle bell, which made our dog start barking.

She called it a visitor alert system and she got an A.

With your stash of stuff it sounds as if you are on your way to Goldbergism. Just keep fiddling with your stuff and see where it takes you.

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Um… I think the point is that they are complex. Complex isn’t typically accomplished through quick and easy means. And even if you find a few seemingly easy ones, testing them to ensure the reactions continue down the chain will likely reveal that you have a problem or two in your design.

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@Darwin THanks so much! yeah I think Im starting to get the hang of this!

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@Sueanne_Tremendous you just kill me everytime. I laugh so hard at your answers. you need a syndicated column hahahahahahahh

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@Sueanne_Tremendous, I have to admit it I had a laugh from your response as well

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@Darwin you forgot the baby’s arm holding an apple…. oh hahahaha I love this question

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@trailsillustrated and @pterodactylover808 Wow…such high praise thanks for making my head big

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Hehe @trailsillustrated, I know the question the answer to whitch is: “a baby’s arm clutching an apple”


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I do, too, but that doesn’t mean I want to involve it in this thread.

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