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What's the purpose of camouflage if you wear an orange vest over it?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11979points) November 30th, 2009 from iPhone

I seen a hunter on a tv show and he was all decked out in camo but wore a bright orange vest over top of it. What’s the point? I know the orange is for protection. But why bother with the camo?

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Deer can’t see colors, the orange looks no different to them.

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My guess would be that the camo helps to break up the silhouette of a hunter. So the solid vest for safety is at least a smaller visual target for the prey.

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@J0E If that’s the case, then I’d think the orange vest would at least have the camo pattern.

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it helps to cover your red neck.

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To keep other hunters from shooting them!

I live in the country and right now with deer season, even our dog wears orange outside

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Deer are not frightened of a floating/disembodied orange vest.

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@Allie I think you’re probably correct, and I have seen fluorescent camo.

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@Allie You are correct, some people wear orange camo.

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@eponymoushipster You clearly know nothing of red necks, they do not use caution when hunting.

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@J0E youre right. i can read and have never said “git r dun”.

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@Skippy As I said I understand the orange is for safety but I’m wondering what the point of camo is when they’re wearing such an obvious color. Do deer not see colors?

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@eponymoushipster Obviously you are not from WV.
If deer can’t see colors, why wear camo at all?

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Redneck is a stupid term.

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@chyna i am not. i would never enter into a relationship with my sister.

@rangerr it refers to stupid,yes.

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deer cant see colors but they can see contrast so wearing orange isn’t so much a problem as having no contrasting pattern to break up your figure. While it is not necessary to wear camo to hunt deer some people choose to. The pattern breaks up your figure to the deer so it doesn’t look like a person. Some people will wear a plain orange vest and camo not because that’s the absolute best thing to wear to reduce visibility but because their normal hunting gear is camo. They need to wear orange however so they throw on a vest. For most hunters complete camouflage is unnecessary so it is fine.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Look at the third response…

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@J0E @J0E If that’s the case, then I’d think the orange vest would at least have the camo pattern.
That’s the 3rd response. And?

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* sniff * * sniff *, poor deer.

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The orange vest is to keep the contents of your skull inside. The camo pattern is to prevent deer from being able to see you. They are color blind, so the orange doesn’t scare them, but is awfully hard for another hunter to miss. More important, hunters wear scent blocker sprays to keep the deer from smelling them so they can get close enough to shoot one. The difference between a red-neck hunter and a well educated, intelligent hunter is that the smart hunter doesn’t put estrus on themselves while hunting, while many a redneck has tried this and ended up attacked by horny bucks.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 ooops, I meant FIRST response which is even worse!

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@J0E I seen it. Just wanted to make sure it was legit.

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So deer don’t see any color? But camo helps disguise the hunter and the orange helps alert other hunters so they don’t get their heads blown off accidentally. Got it. But I guess it would make more sense to wear orange camo, not solid, right?

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It does make more sense to wear orange camo, but hunting gear is expensive so most just buy an orange vest and call it good.

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Because it looks cool.

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@reacting_acid And nothing is more slimming than neon orange.~

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@Allie That’s what I was thinking ;)

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Considering his seasonal avitar, this might be a good question for AstroChuck.

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@hungryhungryhortence A million GA’s for that answer.

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It’s true deer can’t see orange. If you were all in orange (and quiet enough) you could walk right in front of the deer and slap it in the face (or throw an orange ball at it).

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A lot of camo is made for tromping through the woods. Even if it wasn’t necessary, its made for the function of hunting… And maybe dragging critters through the woods. If you’ve never done it, you can’t really imagine how hard it is to drag something through the woods. Not even I can… I’m just a supervisor. ;D Hey, someone has to be there to stand around and comment and make sure its done right, right? :) You need functional garb to do it and camo that allows you to do whatever in the woods without having to worry about your clothes is a good thing.

The orange is for protection against other hunters. Deer cannot see orange, but people can. If you hear something big coming through the woods and see orange, you won’t point a weapon at it. If there isn’t orange, and its big, a weapon gets raised at the least, if not fired. Also, orange vests just appear to be a blob, not a predator, to deer.

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Google Jeff Foxworthy and you’ll learn all about rednecks!

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The other day I was in the parking lot at school. I was early, so I was waiting in my pickup. I happened to be wearing red plaid and I was listening to Old Crow Medicine Show. Someone came past and called me a redneck. :)

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@petethepothead I’d high five you.

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@petethepothead I’d get high with you.

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Deer can see colours, they just seem to have eyes which have evolved to concentrate on a different aspect of the light spectrum (ie red-green colour blind (they can see blues and greens and yellows but can’t differentiate reds from greens), but likely increased capacity in the UV spectrum). Furthermore, they possess more rods and less cones in their eyes than we do. So their nightime vision is superior to ours (makes sense if you are active at dusk and dawn).

Nice article here.

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@faye Jeff Foxworthy doesn’t know jack shit about rednecks. Born and raised and rarely left Atlanta. All his jokes on that score are fed to him by his fans who are too stupid to realize their part in it and how they’re being used.

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