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How would you interpret this song if it showed up on a mixtape that was given to you?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8255points) November 30th, 2009

The situation:

Someone you are interested in romantically gives you a mixtape with songs that are upbeat, feel-good songs, all of which have lyrics that carry the underlying meaning of “I think you’re an interesting person, I would like to spend time with you, and I wouldn’t mind too terribly if we got naked.” Included on this mixtape is (I Was Born) A Unicorn by the Unicorns.

The lyrics are as follows:

“I was born a Unicorn
I missed the ark but I could’ve sworn
You’d wait for me

I was born a Unicorn
I could’ve sworn you believed in me.
Then how come all the other Unicorns are dead?

Were never gonna stop
I think I wanna stop
We want one us
I dont care, I’ll do push-ups
I write the songs
I WRITE the songs
You say I’m doing it wrong
YOU ARE doing it wrong

Put your crystals under my pillow
Send your epistle to my bedfellows

It also says!

When dreaming beasts are dying down, on out
They’re there, for we agree they’re there, They’re there
alive and sure.

If I stop believing in you
If you stop believing in me
If I stop believing in you
If you stop believing in me

We’re the Unicorns.
We’re more than horses.
We’re the Unicorns
And we’re people too!”

The song fits in with the theme and direction of the mix. Given the context of the other songs, how do you interpret this song’s placement on the mix? Would it confuse you? What would you think this person was trying to tell you with the song, if anything?

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that this person has the ’‘horn’’ for you maybe? dunno. i would just enjoy the mix and not read too much in to it.

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I think whoever made it probably just liked the song and didn’t think to examine closely its meaning.

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Ah….the mixtape…...oh…....the ever-mysterious nuanced mixtape! I’ve lost my heart to mixtapes….and crafted many that probably left a lot of the recipients dazed and confused.

Basically…the message of this song…still goes with the underlying meaning of the rest of the tape (which you deciphered on your own)....

I am different and you are different….I am so glad that we found each other….so we can be different, together. (It’s so nice to be as unique as unicorns..together.)

It’s early lurve. :)

Be happy.

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I would think that the person likes the song. I wouldn’t assume that they were saying the song TO you.

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It’s just a fun song. In fact it’s a friendship song. Not a sex-me-up song. The typed lyrics don’t portray it but the singers are having a back-and-forth in the song that’s very playful, but not indicative of your dubious interpretation.

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Well first of all if you make a tape (rather than write the songs yourself) you have no control of each and every word in each and every song. So sometimes a word or phrase might slip by which you didn’t intend to (the central idea of the song is “I love you” so who cares if the third line of the second verse says “you cheated on me” even though we never dated?). Obviously if you write the song yourself you can simply omit that verse or line.

Now this particular guy? Well, I hate to admit it (since I’d obviously want you for myself), but he sounds like a nice guy, I think you should give him a chance. If I were to include that song in such a tape in a similar situation, it would mean “I think I am unique like a unicorn, and so are you. We’d make a great pair, I believe our relationship would be true and amazing, and that it could be a one-in-a-lifetime experience for both of us”. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true, but it’s what the guy thinks, which is a good start, because it means he’s willing to invest in this relationship and try to make it work.

Go for it, the guy’s worth a chance :)

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I’d immediately think of Charlie the Unicorn, and wouldn’t be able to stop laughing.

It’d be a very awkward situation for the person giving the tape.

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I make cd’s for my girlfriend from time to time and have no idea what compelled me to put them on there other than they flowed with the previous and following track well. She then listens to it and claims one of two things: I’m proposing to her soon or breaking up with her. I think it’s just a difference between men and women.
Though I doubt he’d turn down the no pants dance with you.

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What’s wrong with asking him if he meant anything by it?

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I second @Flarlarlar, as to what came to mind first.

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Isn’t it obvious? Clearly they were born a unicorn and this is the easiest way to tell you.

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I think that if you read the song closely enough, you will find that it’s pretty upbeat and definitely in keeping with the other songs you describe.

What the lyrics are saying is that he is a good person (as all Unicorns are preternaturally good), but we live in a cynical world that no longer believes in such goodness, or else believes it to be a “myth” and therefore untrue (I missed the ark). Nonetheless I had hoped you would give me the benefit of the doubt anyway (I could have sworn you would wait for me). Which he repeats:

“I was born a Unicorn”
“I could’ve sworn you believed in me.”
“Then how come all the other Unicorns are dead?”

In other words, what sustains me is the thought that you believe in me (and my essential goodness), but I am beginning to feel like the last unicorn, teetering on the verge of extinction unless you believe in me. (So, please believe in me.)

(Even if I am the last) I’m not going to stop being the very essence of goodness, even if all the others like me have died out because no one believed in their goodness. I’ll do whatever it takes (do push-ups, write songs, etc.). So please believe in me (by putting your crystals under my pillow, sending epistles to my bedfellows).

“When dreaming beasts are dying down, on out
They’re there, for we agree they’re there, They’re there
alive and sure.”

In other words, believing that people are essentially good may be a myth, but believing in it makes it so. We’re all just horses unless someone believes we are something better (so please believe in me and I will do everything I can to live up to it).

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i would just think it was a strange song that they put on the cd to make me laugh or something.

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I wouldn’t really interpret anything from it, let the person come out and say something or you make the first move if you’re interested. If you take something from it that wasn’t the intent of the person then that will cause you more trouble and confusion than letting it go would.

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