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Would you recommend Animal Crossing: City Folk to your mother?

Asked by RocketSquid (3465points) December 1st, 2009

For Thanksgiving break I visited my parents house, taking along my Wii with a couple of games. Other than a game of Wii Bowling, the system laid dormant through most of the visit.

Or so I thought. A few days ago my mother, who has despised video games since the original Mario Bros., called me and asked what the name of the Mario game was that I had, because her and my father had a lot of fun playing it together, and hinted heavily that they’re considering picking up a system for themselves.

I was thinking I should recommend Animal Crossing to her, since I believe we could play it online and it has fairly cooperative, easy to pick up gameplay. I don’t own it myself, however, so I don’t know exactly what any multiplayer would entail, or if it would even be interesting to someone who’s most extensive video game experience is Bejeweled.

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Haven’t played that game. But, I would recommend Tetris Party (Wii Ware), Mario Kart Wii, or Bomberman Blast (Wii Ware) which are all very family friendly and include internet connected game-play.

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@erichw1504 Oh yea, Dr. Mario RX is probably one they’re going to pick up, no doubt. I own Mario Kart, but I don’t think it’s something my parents would enjoy as much.

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Well, if it helps, I liked Animal Crossing for Gamecube… I also like games like Bejeweled (I play Bejeweled Blitz on FB). I’m 52 & female. Over Thanksgiving I played the new Super Mario Bros game for Wii, it was great!

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i played it for Gamecube. its a cute game. i think its something you could recommend to a mother, yeah.

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