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What is a good health insurance that covers everything?

Asked by nimarka1 (942points) December 1st, 2009

I’m looking for a good health insurance that covers just about everything. My father wants me to start looking for a better health insurance than the one we have now, because every time we go even for a check up, we have to pay everything. I have to get a tonsillectomy but the insurance doesn’t cover as much as my dad wants it to. He is out of town right now and wanted me to start looking into different Health Insurances that cover everything from regular check ups, to minor surgeries, to prescriptions meds, he even wants it to cover Dental and Optometry needs, if there is anything that even covers all of that. I’m not sure if there is a an insurance that covers it all, but it doesn’t hurt to check and ask for advice. Any advice or tips?

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Move to Canada, and obtain residence status.

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Good Luck if you live in the US

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Insurance is a tricky beast. I assume you are not on your father’s insurance currently. I also assume you are over 21 but still in your 20’s. At that age health insurance, while necessary, doesn’t always have to have all the bells and whistles because generally the younger you are the healthier you are. And, insurance products that do have all the bells and whistles are extremely expensive especially if you are buying as an individual and not in a group. My suggestion to you is to carry only major medical with a high deductible. I know this doesn’t bode well for your tonsillectomy, but my guess is that any insurance you get now will not cover that anyway because it is a considered a pre-exisiting condition. Search for medical insurance providers in your area and call their offices and schedule meeting with them to go over options. It will be a great learning experience and will help you make the right choice for your situation.

Lastly, there is nothing, nothing, wrong with be asked to pay for part of your health care. Paying a deductible or paying for well care visits helps keep your premiums down. Anytime you pay nothing you are really paying a boat load.

Lastly, lastly, find an employer with a really good plan.

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Alberta health does not cover dentists, only covers your eye exam, no drugs, and elective surgery coverage changes year to year, it seems. I think circumcisions are out right now. Years ago I had to pay extra for my babies. In 1986 my tubal was covered but a few years later a friend had to pay extra for hers. However on the plus side needed surgeries or hospitalization is all covered-specialists, too.

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Is there even a health insurance that covers it all? I have a feeling you need to do each separate.

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Kaiser Permenente comes closest, but they have many different types of coverage, and you have to pay more premium for the full coverage.

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Either way, you pay for it. In premiums, or in out of pocket. If you can afford to pay a high premium, you might want to look at getting a HDHP plan with a Health Savings Account and a low deductible. A 100/70 HDHP with a $1500 deductible and maximum contributions to a HSA means that you pay premiums, pay the $1500 deductible, and then everything’s covered if you go to an in-network provider. You use the money that you pay into the HSA to pay your medical expenses. Unlike an FSA, where you have to use up the funds in the account by year end or you lose the money, the money in an HSA carries forward and can build up from year to year, into retirement.

60% of the population averages less than $750 a year in health care costs.

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I’ll go along with @YARNLADY Kaiser offers awesome coverage. Of course I have group coverage with a monthly premium $10. Dr visit $10, support apts with heath educators $0 (they are really into preventative care), diagnostic tests $0, hospitalization $0.

When I had a stroke I went to the emergency room, 3 days hospitalization.40 mile ambulance ride to rehab center, a month in rehab with training for family members. Total cost $35. My prescription run $5—$15 for a 3 month supply. The $15 is for 1 with a $500 retail price.

I also know someone who has the Kaiser supplemental Medicaid. Her premium is $68/mo and her benefit is pretty close to mine. In the 90’s I priced indivldual coverage at $176 a month;

Unfortunately Kaiser isn;t everywhere but at the site below you can find the information on cost and coverage.

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@galileogirl This is comparable to what we have found. A childbirth, including Cesarean section, billed out at $8,000 – their cost – $0; two weeks in the hospital for a serious gall bladder infection – $0

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In america, all health coverage is the same. They have different names and different companies but the system is already universal and limiting to a great deal of the general public. GO with whatever you can get the cheapest, it’s all the same here.

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@lumpygee Your answer fails to take into account the fact that you can choose the deductable, which is the amount you have to pay before the insurance will even kick in at all, from a low around $100 up to $1,000 or more. Also, some insurance policies will pay for hospitalization from day one, while others won’t start paying until several days after you are admitted, and some pay for your whole stay, others stop after a specific time.

The amount of coverage you get depends entirely on how much you want to pay for it, and it varies widely between different companies and policies.

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Now that you have a pre-existing condition, you are in deep doo-doo. Insurance companies only want to cover people who do not get sick. Only people who believe they will never get sick think the current system is great. And they will have no sympathy for you.

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