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Is it possible to un-wrinkle a silk tie?

Asked by dunkin_donutz (441points) December 2nd, 2009

Are silk ties ironable or do you basically have to throw them away if they become wrinkled?

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I use steam.

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You can. Use an iron set to a low temperature (warm or silk setting), Place a lightly damp cloth over the tie to protect it from stretching, and iron it carefully but quickly.

You can also hang it in the bathroom while you take a steamy shower – that often helps loosen the wrinkles. And you can take it to a dry cleaners, which might be a good idea with a very expensive tie or if you tend to be ham-handed.

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I’d say ‘First do no harm’

How wrinkled is it? If the wrinkles are few and not very deep hang the tie up and hopefully the wrinkles will fall out.

Also, what kind of tie is it? is it thin? wide? thick? coarse or fine silk?

I ask because depending on the style and material all methods of cleaning or pressing are potentially damaging.

Any wet and or heat method can ‘warp’ the tie as it makes the silk expand and contract unevenly.

Some ties have such a fine finish that even plain water can stain permanently.

Pressing is not a good idea for thick and hand rolled ties because they aren’t supposed to have a crisp edge. Again the heat will distort the tie with bumps and cause it to bend.

Steaming the tie can potentially cause it to lose it’s shape.

If you decide to press at home lay the tie down long on the board. Put a towel over it and use a use a low setting. The weight of the iron should be pressure enough. Too much pressure can cause the folds and the ties back to show through. Run the iron over evenly and check. Press the whole front of the tie. Not just the wrinkled part. Up the temperature some and try again. If you get a satisfying result leave the tie in place on the board until it has cooled.

Get back with details. I might be able to help you more.

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Steamer is the best way to go.

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I have successfully ironed silk ties. Just use common sense and follow the rules.

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Prevention is always better than the cure! When you are done wearing the tie, do not leave it knotted. Undo the knot and ideally hang it. Another option is to loosely roll it. Keep it among similar materials or it may snag or pick up other materials.

As far as wrinkles, steam, in small doses is your best bet. If you are short for time, lie the tie flat on a damp towel, then fold the towel so it covers the tie. Set your iron to a low temperature and then smoothly iron the tie thru the towel. Make sure the towel does not get too hot as that heat is being transferred to your silk tie and may damage it.

Hope this helps!

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