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How would I legally be able to grow marijuana to supply medical marijuana dispensaries in California?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21458points) December 2nd, 2009

I’m moving to CA in a couple of weeks and once I establish residency, I plan on getting a medical marijuana card. I do legitimately have a bunch of medical issues that would get me an approval, and I know what the possession limits are under this card.

What I’m more interested in is the idea of selling my pot to dispensaries (or even to other patients, if California has the “caregiver” allowance). I have a wicked green thumb, as well as botany/horticulture/plant and soil science schooling, and I’m well-informed on growing the MJ. Basically, with little effort I could do something I enjoy, turn out a great product, and make some money to boot.

I searched Google but didn’t have much luck, so I’m wondering if any of you jellies are acquainted with this side of California legislation and might know how I might get in on the business?

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When you figure this out, I’m moving in.

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I saw a short documentary about CA’s medical marijuana industry. It featured an org in SF that offers clinics or sort of a certification program for growers. I’d nose in that direction.

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Aren’t you scared of getting raided by the DEA?

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The only place where you can legally grow marijuana under state law is Mendocino County, CA. As far as I know, you are limited to twenty plants, no more. However, keep in mind that it is still illegal to grow marijuana under federal law and you can be prosecuted for it (though Obama’s DA seems to be uninterested in prosecuting marijuana-related crimes for the time-being).

I’m sure that some of the medical marijuana in California is provided by growers in Mendocino County, so you might want to do a search on the area and see if anything comes up.

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@drdoombot – Thanks.. I’ll check that out.

Does anyone know if CA has the “caregiver” allowance, that a person can grow up to their card limit (6 mature plants, 11 immature) and sell to other patients?

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Yeah, that kind of makes you wonder who is growing the legal marijuana and where.

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Canada grants licenses so maybe you could apply to Arnold.

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That article says the raids will continue going on until Obama appoints someone new to head the DEA. I would atleast wait until that happens.

unless its an old article, and it has already happened…

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And Lo, He said
And it was done.
And it was good.

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I think I’m just going to have to pony up when I have the dough and attend Oaksterdam University.

Cannabusiness 7401 – Legal Business Structures

For learning about many opportunities in the cannabis industry; whether it’s a commercial grow, dispensary, cannabis edibles company, clone provider, delivery service, Measure Z club, or any of the numerous cannabusinesses still to develop in this industry. The process to obtain city, county, state permits and licenses are covered in detail. Legal business structures and standard business issues such as: payroll, sales tax, workman’s compensation, health insurance, and other requirements for operating a business are further covered. The instructors share firsthand experience and knowledge. Current political issues and local politics are explained, including a review of the Attorney General Guidelines

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I don’t have any advise to give you, but this is a fantastic plan. Much lurve.

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I would contact a dispensary directly.

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you and the rest of the country’s pot smokers are doing this or have done this.. so good luck. Remember Californias not the only state that has medical…

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Aye, but California is the state in which I reside, which makes it way less complicated pursue here. :D

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O i thought you were moving here just for that. Dispensaries are hard to sell at these days and they will rarely pay top dollar, plus i hear some will try to give you invalid check and other scams. Personally i would get the product before worring about selling it. in the end you will get something and it will be less than you wanted.

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