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Who wants to join in welcoming the latest wonderful New Jerseyan to the 10K Club?

Asked by janbb (56768points) December 2nd, 2009

That’s right folks. Our own lovely and witty poofandmook is the latest to become a Privateer. Pizza and beer all around at a party “down the shore.”

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:D And congrats to you as well, janbb!!

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Aw, yay! Love the name and a what a wonderful Jelly to boot!!


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Congrats :)

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This half eaten booger is for you! Congrats!

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Congratulations! That sounds like a great party. I’m going to start a roaring beach bonfire in your honor!

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The kitty peeping out of the paper bag is one of the first avatars I really noticed. Congratulations, @poofandmook!

(Now that I see it big, maybe it’s not a paper bag, but I always thought it was. )

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Ahoy! have a good one!

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@Jeruba: It’s a Fed Ex box the width of a cereal box. Makes it way more interesting to know she shoved her fat furry butt in that skinny box!

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Yaaaaaaaaay to you!! Great job, and I’m always glad to see you pop up in a conversation. :)

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Boy, am I glad I checked in….I’ve been hit and, it seems, mostly miss lately on these 10K celebrations. Congratulations @poofandmook…..I find your posts wonderfully insightful and quite often off-the-wall which just makes me lurve you even more. Here’s to countless more lurve! See ya…..Gary/wtf

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It’s been a mess of 10k parties these past few days! How will we ever clean the pancakes out of the frizzer in such a short amount of time????

Regardless, many, many congratulations!

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Woot Woot! Great job @poofandmook.

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Yay! I would have gotten you a gift, but I um… well… I.. OK, I have a packet of Emergen-C for you if I can just smash it through the internet tubes, you’ll be all set.

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Yay! My fellow cat lady. I hope the 10k mansion has enough litter boxes. “kissy head” to you.

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Congratulations to you and your kitteh!

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Wow, the exclusive 10K club has got quite a few high rollers! Congratulations!

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Mazel Tov!

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@tinyfaery: :D kissy head!!

thank you everyone!

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Congratulations Poof! You are one fabulous jelly!

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Hooray for Poof! Well done.

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Yay, congratulations!

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Congrats @poofandmook!!!


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poof! and she’s reached 10K!

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Who brought the cake?????

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Someone needs to get it out of the frizzer!

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Congrats @poofandmook! I have always like your name.

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@poofandmook Congratulations again! You are obviously an erudite Flutherite and a caring person!

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Way to go. Good for you!! I’m trying to catch up…....... ;-)

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@poofandmook, posted in your honor: here is one of my favorite desktop background images. My son took this rear view. I’d have liked to see this ornament of catdom squish into a FedEx box.

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Happy 10K day, @poofandmook! Huzzah!

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YAY @poofandmook! Much lurve to you on this fine 10K day!

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Yay poof! Congratulations girly!

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Congrats! We lurve you! We really lurve you!!!

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Congrats! Lovely and witty is always welcome in the 10K club. And you are certainly both.

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Count me also as one who has always loved your kitty avatar.

The 10k mansion can always use a few more cat lovers. Congratulations to you.

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I doff my chapeau to you! Congrats!

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Here’s to my favorite kitty! Congratulations!

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So many 10K parties lately! I’m stifling my jealousy long enough to say “Congrats!!!!” :)

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I love a fellow jelly who won’t take any shit.

Congratulations and pass me one of those beers. A man develops a powerful thirst when delivering kudos such as these.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

I almost quit answering questions before my 10K because I wanted to be number 50.

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Congrats-o-lot, poofer!! =D

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Ya know, I’d love you if you were just poof, but since you’re also mook, you’re impossible to resist.


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@poofandmook I remember I read your little mini bio a long time ago and I was a little scared but your always a sweetheart. :) and I always read your name as proof and monk oops! Anyway Congrats and lurve to you!

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This is great! We had to add onto the mansion for you but this allowed us to create you a nice suite overlooking the bay and city that is right next door to @janbb.
We put in a jacuzzi and a huge cat tree for your cat. I lit a fire in your fireplace and have the champagne on ice. WELCOME!

Party time!!!

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Way to go Poof!!!!!!! Very well deserved 10k… If you like i would gladly volunteer to stand guard at the party and keep the Guido’s out :P
Pizza and beer all around!!!

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I love that the first reply on the thread is the subject congratulating someone else. That’s why we <3 you, Poof. You’re awesome. :D Congrats on 10K!

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Holy. Wow. 10K. Nice!

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Thanks all! <3

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Dang @poofandmook, fantastic work!! You definitely belong up in that there 10K club. Congrats and cheers!!

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You know what your name reminds me of? Randomly thought of sharing this last night:

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Wow, Jeruba told me I didn’t have to apologize for being late, but I totally missed this one so I must say I am so sorry for being tardy again!

I don’t know how I missed it, but congrats and congrats and congrats and good on ya!

poofandmook good job.

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Congrats to an awesome jelly!

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These seem to happen often! Congrats.

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@seeing_red 50 times so far

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!snoitalutargnoC !yllej suolubaf eno era uoY

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