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Where to buy PS3 GAMES?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) December 2nd, 2009

I live in Canada and looking for stores (online/offline) to buy PS3 GAMES
I have sold/bought games through Kijiji but as you know it’s P2P business and therefor not really reliable (people often change their mind at last minute…..many rude emails and so on)
where do you guys buy/sell PS3 games???

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Where in Canada are you? I go to Champlain College in Burlington, VT, which has a satellite campus in Montreal that’s target specially for students in video game programing majors. The reasoning behind this I’m told is because several major companies have branches up there, and internship offers are plentiful. Because of this, I would think Montreal would be my answer, but I’ll ask around and see what my gamer friends know.

@D353R7F0XX might be one to talk to

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Canada has dose ebGames stores, and I saw quite a few game stores in general on St. Cathrine’s street in Montreal.

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I live in Windsor Area…which is far far far away from Montreal…....thanks for the tip but unless those place got online site where I can order stuffs like ebay/amazon…I have no hope

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thanks both of you….but Montreal is not where I live :)))
do ebgames provide table/chart where I can check the value of used games??
there website has no price information….

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Do you have pawn shops there? You can usually get a TON of great stuff really cheap.

Also, use PS Plus. It’s cheap and you get a bunch of free games every month.

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