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My stepbrother peed on my do I clean the mattress?

Asked by rangerr (15744points) December 2nd, 2009

The same lovely boy who drew a picture on the wall with lipstick came up to me and said this:
“Mads!! I drew you a picsure!”
“Oh, thats nice! May I see it?”
“It’s in your room.”
“Really? Lets go look!”
“I made it with peepee!”

So I go and look, and sure enough, he peed. On my bed.
I threw everything that was on the bed in the washing machine, but I have NO idea what to do with the mattress.

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Try a spray bottle mix of vinegar and water and or 10% bleach and water. Repeat.

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vinegar is safest.

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step 2: locks on door

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@tyrantxseries I can’t just lock him out. He’s staying with me for the week.

So… Do I just let it soak and air dry?

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You might also wish to consider an enzyme product like Nature’s Miracle, intended for pet urine.

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Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but that is pretty funny (or at least how you related it was). I’d also recommend an enzyme product. The bacteria they use will eat up any organic material. I’ve recommended it before, but Stanley Steemer Odor Out is fantastic (enzyme formula); had a kitten pee on our bed and afterwards you couldn’t tell at all.

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@pdworkin :: I have tried Nature’s Miracle and it made it smell horrible for about a week.

My advice is to let it air dry. Lean it against the wall so both sides have airflow and put a few fans on it. It will dry out really fast. If it bothers you after it dries you can get a plastic cover and mattress pad for 20 bucks.

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How old is he?!!
Maybe a urine order eliminating spray (found in the pet sections. Might get a collar and leash, for him too.)

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It’s not a mattress that can be flipped.. the bottom has a wood sheet type thing attached to it.. is that going to affect it?

@Val123 He’s 4.

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Seriously.. call Stanley Steemer. They will probably even deliver the bottle of Odor Out to you. 1–800-STEEMER.. I worked for them years ago and my branch delivered the Odor Out and cleaning stuff.

Pee is not something I want lingering in my mattress, and I don’t make any money recommending them or anything, but nothing I’ve used on urine has worked like the Odor Out.

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I think @pdworkin is on the right track, but I would not use a product designed for pet odors. There are enzymatic cleaners for people use. Seventh Generation makes one that is available at grocery stores.

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I don’t know why people are getting so worked up over this.

My son wet out bed too many times to count when he was younger (we didn’t realize soaking diapers meant it was time for the next size up. We won’t make that mistake again) We’d change the sheets and mattress pad, and then soak up the urine with a towel. That was pretty much it. Our mattress does not smell of urine.

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I’m with @casheroo on this one. When our daughter was little she used to crawl into our bed in the middle of the night and would sometimes have accidents (try waking up abruptly because you are suddenly wet!). When this happened we would wash the pad and sheets then soak up as much of the pee as we could. Then we would use a little 409 or Nature’s Miracle on the mattress and then let it dry. We still have the spots on our mattress but there’s no smell.

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@AstroChuck We have stains on our bed. It’s funny, when we moved I just told people my husband wets the bed. lol

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I spray the mattress with a foam upholstery cleaner then scrub with a brush, allow to dry, and vacuum.

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We used to use baking soda to absorb the urine, let it dry and vacuum it up.
haven’t had that problem in many, many years.

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@rangerr I lost something….was your step brother sleeping in your bed when he peed? That has me a little confused! I mean, you tied it in with him coloring on the walls so it was like….did he do it on purpose?

As for a parent’s tale, when my oldest was well potty trained, and had been sleeping dry through the night for a couple of months…suddenly she started wetting the bed. It upset her more than anyone! Not a problem. I put a towel down on the bed (Which she loved…she slept with us in our king bed, and when she got excited about her own little place, I felt kind of bad, having not realized that when we put her to bed she might have felt adrift on this huge island of a bed….) AND I got a 30 pack box of Pull Ups (which I don’t believe in for actual, initial potty-training purposes), which, she and I agreed, would be nice. Just put one Pull Up a night, for the next 30 nights, and, viola! At the end of the month the problem was resolved. Simply because she wasn’t stressing about it any more.

But… @rangerr‘s story seems a bit different than that, what with her being only 16, 17 (?) and dealing with a younger step brother.

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@rangerr (Wanna know a secret? I washed the sheets, then put a baking soda on the mattress, a towel on the baking soda, the bottom fitted sheet over the towel and slept on it for the next week, or until I changed sheets again (the weight pulls whatever you can out).....I never went out of my way to get anything out of the mattress. If anyone were to ever gasp ever see my nekid mattresses and say something, I’d just tell them that @casheroo‘s husband peed on it. True story! :)

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For anyone who is following this and doesn’t already know it, there are “mattress” protector products for incontinence, flannel on one side for sleeping on, and coated with a protective shield on the otherside. They come in all mattress sizes, from crib to King.

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@Val123 He did it on purpose. He said he stood on the bed and “painted”. I’m 18, btw.
He’s potty trained, but he’s Autistic.

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@rangerr Ah! Ok….well, damn! Well…(um, I’m thinking…)...still thinking….well, as far as your mattress goes, do what you need to do to make yourself feel comfortable….towels, whatever…...don’t sweat it. Just…consider it advanced warning for…kids, husbands, dogs, life…

(Was he really proud of himself, or do you think he knew he was doing something wrong…..but could get away with it? What was the parent’s reaction when you told them…?)....

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I sprinkled oxy-clean on it and scrubbed it in. Then pretty much doused the bed with febreeze and covered it with towels, put the cover back on and my nice clean sheets.

He was very proud of himself. We had a long talk about germs and why it’s not nice to pee on people’s beds.

His mom kinda laughed it off, but that’s usual.

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No dodge of the logic, any carpet cleaner with an upholstery attachment should do the trick then follow up with a seamer to kill any germs. No germs the smell (if any) should be gone.

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