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What are the most attractive and unattractive physical traits of a man?

Asked by beautifulbobby193 (1694points) December 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

This can be anything. Height, muscles, build, fitness level, hairyness, size down below, eyes, hair colour/length, voice, accent, smile, sexual performance (premature ejaculation, ED, stallion), body shape (man boobs?), arms, ears, nose, lips. Be interested to know what women like and what’s a real no go. Note that this question is aimed at those that can answer this as a bit of fun, and without pointing out how physical traits are lame.

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Smile and scent.

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That’s what I was thinking. Bad BO is probably the biggest turn off for women.

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Most attractive: broad shoulders, nice green eyes
Least attractive: skinny jeans (I have this belief that no man should wear skinny jeans…ever…ever…ever)

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@Phobia bad BO – Yeck! You know what else is really grossl? That horrible breath that comes with an untreated dental issue! I work with a guy who has that constantly and it is just awful!

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@SuperMouse I’m pretty sure it goes both ways though, I know I wouldn’t be able to stand being around a woman with bad breath/BO. Good hygiene is a must for me.

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I agree — body odor and bad breath are major turn-offs… it was the first thing that came to mind upon reading the question.

Poor posture is also unattractive.

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@Phobia I agree 100% it definitely goes for men and women! Some stink may actually be worse on women – especially bad breath! I love you mabl8tr and I know how you feel about the “scent of a woman!”

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Some good answers I hadn’t thought of. What about size of features? E.g. Hands, feet, arms, ears, nose, head, penis, length of body/legs, proportions etc.

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@beautifulbobby193 penis size never entered my mind, probably because it isn’t something that is right out there to see. No matter what though, if there is an attraction and sexual chemistry, sex will be go no matter the size of the instrument.

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Size is of limited importance as he could have a big stonking rocket that runs out of fuel in seconds or a tiny silver bullet that lasts longer than a Duracell battery.

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Perfect man:
Tall, fit but not too muscular, a little chest hair, happy trail, not TOO big down below (ouch), light eyes, dark hair (medium length and wavy), deep voice, Irish or Scottish accent, very nice smile/good teeth, warm hands, big nose, dimples, good kisser.

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I like pretty boys. Sexy eyes, great hair, nice teeth, and a smooth body. And, good personal hygeine, woah, very important.

Unattractive? The penis (haha). I don’t find the penis to be all that cute.

I prefer the ladies, though.

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@jmah Haha agreed, very unattractive. I like them to keep their pants on as long as possible:)

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Penises just look funny, no matter what. I know you guys are proud of them or whatever, but really…even when they aren’t dangling there they look rather ridiculous. :)

I’d say @sliceswiththings pretty much hit the mark with the above description. I’ll take two.

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Haha @MissAusten if only there was a warehouse somewhere

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Taller than me, not too muscular, not gorillaish with the hair gets in the way of the head-to-toe kissing y’know., as said above- just keep your pants on for now, eyes have to stand out, I’m not overly picky on hair, but I’d like to be able to run my fingers through it, voice needs to be able to be soft and sincere, yet protective makes sense to me, don’t ask, Irish or Australian accents that aren’t too strong would be kickass, I’ve also heard a few Canadian accents that I loved. I love my country boys too, though. Smile definitely has to makes me smile. Not too worried about sex, but being able to enjoy it would be a plus. Really, just cuddle with me. Other than that, everything has to fit together and look good.
And that’s my perfect guy.

But I’ll settle for either of the MacManus brothers from Boondock Saints.

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I find nothing attractive about a man.

Unless that man is me. :-)

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I don’t know about most attractive but what I look at closely are his hands. A man must have nice looking hands. Least attractive? Balls.

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Balls??!! lol

GA @knitfroggy

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@knitfroggy I don’t know. Wouldn’t a man without balls be less attractive?

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Similar to @jmah, I’ve always had a soft spot for pretty boys with sexy eyes, great hair, nice teeth and smooth trim bodies. Good hygiene is a must. I’m thrilled if my guys floss their teeth, keep their finger/toenails clean & trimmed, get addicted to baby wipes and drink lots and lots of water.

You want physical details:
6ft and taller
Solid but not unnatural/disproportioned musculature
Good posture/nice walk
Tidy dresser
Red hair is tops followed by Black hair
Perky butt cheeks
*The Smile (dimples are a plus)

Arrogant instead of confident (this will negate anything on the attractive list)
Bad breath
Unkempt fingernails
Unkempt toenails
Stinky feet
Overgrown “bush”
Uncircumcised where tinker looks like an earthworm
Buffed to where the body looks more like a toad and they have to walk funny because arms won’t hang naturally and legs are too stumpy for feet to face forward when they walk.
Paunch bellies
Too much hair gel
Sloppy dresser

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Least attractive; the need to be right all the time, having emotions so bottled up that one can’t find them, egotism or narcissism, nail biting (and then chewing on nail bits), declaring that his earlier opinion was just “thinking out loud,” ability to out-argue you on all issues and declaring himself the winner: bad breath and BO.

Most attractive; empathy:sympathy: ability to sense when I am upset, distraught, overwrought, unhappy, patience: and an occasional romantic gesture that I haven’t programmed into his HD.

edit: This guy is now my ex.

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@oratio I didn’t say I didn’t want him to have balls…I just don’t wanna look at them!

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@gailcalled: I lurve your romantic gesture that hasn’t been programmed into the HD!!!

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Am I the only one who doesn’t find the penis/balls unattractive? Maybe that’s because I am a guy, but whatevs.

I’d say the most attractive are the the eyes and the lips and the hair that’s short (for my personal preference). Also, the structure of the face and the head (not easy to single out, but I can tell when comparing guys). I’m not too picky about hairiness (Not big on chest or back hair, though) or muscularity or height or anything like that. Nor am I picky about the butt. I have a completely flat butt and so does my boyfriend, so it works out. I hope people aren’t too picky about that kinda thing. :P

Least attractive would be greasy hair, bad odors as people said, bad posture, beards, mustaches, bad teeth, beer gut (hopefully not at the age I’m looking for), overweight, etc.

@gailcalled I bite my nails. :(

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I love a man’s smile. You can tell a lot about a guy by how he smiles. I’m also a big fan of the long eye lashes on a guy, couldn’t tell you why. I like a man who looks solid enough to handle me. That’s not to say little skinny guys aren’t attractive in their ways but if he looks like I can pick him up and sling him over my shoulder, I probably won’t find him attractive with one exception. I actually don’t mind if a guy is carrying around some extra weight or if he’s shorter than I am but I think I’m in the minority there.

I have to agree that body odor is a huge turn off. Also, really pale guys. To me, a pale man looks sickly. Also, excessive body hair is just awful. I can handle it below the waist but if he takes his shirt off and is covered in hair, I want to throw up. It sounds really harsh but hair is just blech to me. Apologies to the hairy men on here.

@DominicX: See, I also find the penis to be a really attractive body part but it’s just so weird to me. It looks kinda like somebody made a man and then said, “Oh, crap, we forgot the reproductive organs,” and then stuck it on.

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haha…you definitely wouldn’t like me. You could probably pick me up; many people can. :P

And I agree about smiles. My boyfriend has the cutest smile; I love his dimples. :D

Do you have a proposed alternate male reproductive organ? lol

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Hairiness = blech! Too much chest hair, or back hair, or a stubbly face is a major turn-off.

I like pretty boys. Nice eyes, a nice smile, and thin but sinewy.

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Hey, it’s not only men who can be too hairy – women can be too! I bet one or two of you lot have a spider leg or two too many sticking out where it shouldn’t.

Men being hairy is natural. Luckily I am not like a gorilla, and if I had back hair I would want to get rid of it. Everything else ok, although nothing wrong with a little bit of grooming.

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@beautifulbobby193: For your information sir, I am a very unhairy woman partially due to genetics and partially due to Schick. I just like men who are like me in that respect. :P

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Umm, hair is supposed to be on my legs. It grows there. I’m talking about carpets. And I hate if I feel stubble on a
man’s face when we are kissing.

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Geez… knitfroggy said balls and hungryhungryhortence is calling out bushes! Goodness! Hilarious.
Attractive: hands, broad shoulders, stylish, confident, striking eyes.
(Just to name a few, this has to be the millionth time I’ve answered this question.)

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@Clair: overgrown bush, as in the kind that can be combed out, wrapped around the fingers and used as floss for the teeth.

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I’m scared.

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Tall men, or at least taller than me (I’m 5’9’’). I like light eyes, but it’s not a requirement by any means. Short/medium length hair. If it’s messy or tousled it’s a bonus. I love to play with a guys hair, especially if we’re in bed or cuddled on the couch. I like my men to look like men. This means I don’t need them to shave their chests or have baby faces. I love shoulders, arms, and hands. Not too muscular – I’m not into the tough guy thing. Deep voices make me quiver (sometimes literally). Accents are hot if they’re genuine. I’d fuck a guy on the spot if he had all these things and an Irish accent (kidding, kind of).

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I have to say hair on a guy is very attractive but not too much.a man is naturally hairy so I see no big deal…

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