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Are the Grammys relevant?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) December 3rd, 2009

I was discussing this today after reading the vomitous nominations for the main categories. I’m wondering what you all think… I’ve always thought The People’s Choice awards were more of an honor, but they don’t have the pomp and circumstance of the Grammys. Are all award shows general bs?

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“Are all award shows general bs?”

Yeah, pretty much.

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Both of mine were.

I miss my grammies. :(

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Perhaps twenty years ago they were relevant. Nowadays people have access to a world of ‘alternative’ music. The presitige is nice but not really relevant to consumers of music.

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Maybe for those actually in the music industry, since it is their peers and the record company execs that does the voting. But frankly I don’t care and haven’t watched since I was a child. I do give them credit though it is a well crafted way-The glitz, pomp and performances to boost their business.

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The “B Sharps” episode of The Simpsons describes my feelings about the Grammys to a t! Remember Naked Homer?

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I don’t see that one awards show matters more than another. All of them matter very litle in the larger scheme of life and art.

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I am always open to accept one. But never do I pursue winning one.

That goes for all awards.

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I don’t think I have ever watched them. I don’t listen to the radio. I don’t watch MTV. I was chatting with allie last week and we were talking popular music. I went to iTunes and looked for the top ten singles list. I had only heard of three of the artist. I couldn’t recognize any of the songs. Shit. My TV hasn’t been on for weeks.

I mostly get recommendations from friends and acquire albums.

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Let us just say that none of the artists I like were ever even nominated for a grammy.

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This is my view on awards shows: when the things people like aren’t nominated, people feel animosity towards the awards shows.

It really is that simple.

Personally, I like the nominations, but that’s because I’m not one of those people who automatically hates all music that plays on the radio. I would think that people who like really obscure music wouldn’t want it to gain recognition with the Grammys or something similar.

Although, I hate “Use Somebody” and that was nominated for like a million things. Bleh.

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My dad is a Grammy voter, as well as a Grammy winner. Therefore, I’d like to think that the Grammys are not just bs ;)

I think they’re relevant in that it’s considered a high achievement to win one in the industry.

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The Grammys are irrelevant to my life. It’s the same people you’d expect to see get nominated or win. I’ll pass.

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The Grammy’s blow. They take about 5 different bands total into consideration, pretty much everything you hear on the radio five times an hour, and it all sucks. okay, i shouldn’t say all, but most of it is stuff i am totally completely uninterested in…..and….stuff that sucks.

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