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How can I put a song on Myspace?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) December 3rd, 2009


I’m trying to figure out how I can put a song from a cd onto Myspace since Myspace doesn’t have the song I want.

I know how to do this before, but now myspace music has a legal copyright thing where if a CD is copyrighted, whatever song you posted will get automatically deleted.

It sucks because the song I want is also very underground, and Global.

I want to know how to add a song from a CD to Youtube as well, because if I can add a song to Youtube I can probably make a playlist from it.


There’s,,, none of them have the song I want but is there a way to upload a cd to them ?

I plan on buying the cd with the song I want and then trying to get it on the internet somehow without being deleted.

Anyone know how ? Thanks

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i hook mine up through, i actually listen to a wide variety of random music and always find what i’m looking for. what song are you trying to get?
sometimes i find i need to type in both the band name and song title to find songs, if i just type in the band name it won’t show up.

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Song is called Extraordinary woman and the artist who sings it is Rocky Dawuni….

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