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Is there room for mischief and comedy in Fluther answers?

Asked by Pazza (3184points) December 3rd, 2009

Sombody asked what the best way to prevent cracked lips was, to which I answered (in a mischievous mood) “never kiss arse!”, to which someone else responded, “don’t insult people to their faces”

Now I may have misinterpreted, but I think they might have had a little weed on?

So the question is, do you think that all comedy and mischief should be left at the Fluther front door for fear of offendind people, or do we let our pesonalities and moods spill out from time to time, (or whenever we feel like)?

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(or not had a weed on, as the case may be haha)

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Of course there’s room for mischief and comedy. Just be polite and wait until the question gets a serious answer before being a wiseass.

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There is room, but they generally like it if you let a few real, helpful answers come in first. The person is looking for help after all, not just (pardon the term…) lip.

Once the question is answered and it devolves into nonsense anyway, stupid answers seem to be just fine.

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depends on whether or not the question was asking in all seriousness or not, I am sure that you did not mean offence. I think there is rioom for fun and mischief, I am sure @astrochuck agrees, he always sems to be in the mood for mischief!! If they are looking for genuine help it may be wise to give a serious answers as well as a joke one in small like this?

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the day they ban mischief and comedy smartass comments, I’m gone
stupid questions get stupid/smartass answers (removed or not doesn’t matter)

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The mix between comedic and intelligent answers is what attracted me to Fluther in the first place, and it’s what keeps me coming back for more.

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Only in very specific situations.

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What would fluther be without comedy and mischief?
I personally enjoy it.

However there are a couple topics where I think it is better left out. Say someone discussing suicide as an example. But chapped lips. Come on.

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I think that comedy and mischief should enter into conversation much as they would in real life.

Otherwise, where is the freedom that we all crave?

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I hope there still is. I need the laughs. It keeps me going.

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There’s always room for Jello.

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You completely missed the humour in the other persons comment. The person was not telling you “don’t insult people to their faces”, they were merely answering the topic question of how to prevent cracked lips (to spell it out in plain English – if you insult people to their face they may crack your lip with a punch…) Go back and look at it again and you’ll see. The topic was started by me and I thought it was a funny response.

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@tyrantxseries I remember when I first saw that on Fluther. I thought it was so funny. A bit mean but funny yes.

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@beautifulbobby193 ya that is how I ready it as well

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Mischief, drunk conversations, comedy, sarcasm, there is room for all of it. Just AFTER a problem has been solved. Unless your poop is green water, then I’m gonna laugh either way.

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I would say there is.. as long as a serious answer has been given. Or if the actual question sets the tone for that kind of answer. But you never know how some people will take it. I think in this case i’d be more likely to apply a principle learned when someone asked “What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?”.. the obvious answer is “I don’t know… and I don’t care”.

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The problem, as I see it, is that “never kiss arse” is not funny, not original, not evidence of mischief and has been said millions of times.

The question and the example do not match, sadly. As I have said before, the audience gets to decide what is funny and what is derivative. Drunks may think they are hilarious but only other drunks tend to agree. This is all my private opinion, of course.

(Chuckie is funniest when he surprises us with his originality, which is most of the time.)

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I hardly ever “get” the jokes on here, but I saw humor and laughed at both comments on the question you are referring to..

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In general, I don’t mind comedy as long as it really is funny. If it’s a poor attempt at humor, then it’s just noise.

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@amnorvend good point, and applies to most such attempts on here

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@amnorvend Luckily I think the world is hilarious.

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haha, just after I asked the question, I went back for another look an realised what a nugget I was, hense my first comment. lol


Still thought it was a question worrth asking though.

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@rangerr That is an interesting attitude. I take things very seriously, and mostly at face value

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@YARNLADY I did too for the longest time, but I had a pretty sucky wake-up call. Now I think everything is either beautiful or hilarious.

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Taking things at face value? isn’t that the same as judging a book by its cover?

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It would suck being new at Fluther again…like being a kid again, you couldn’t pay me!.

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@tyrantxseries…“the day they ban mischief and comedy smartass comments, I’m gone.”
10 GA’s. And I’ll be right behind you!!!

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Absolutely not.

what the fuck is wrong with you people

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@Blondesjon You need a list???!!!

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Certainly not. Cracked lips is a serious topic.

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(clears throat)... ahem… Pull my finger.

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Smartass quips are highly offensIve in this context. There’s nothing funny about mischief and comedy—they’ve ruined many a life.

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Call me a smartass, but don’t call me a dumbass!

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2 girls 1 cup

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@ChazMaz : That wasn’t funny the first 2000 times people here felt compelled to share; it certainly hasn’t gotten funnier with time.

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@ChazMaz You’re okay. It made ME smile. ;-)

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Me too. :-)

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Chacun à son goût ou sa boue.

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@ChazMaz – Only the once, I’m never going back! lol Ps.
@AstroChuck – Thanks dude. tickled me that did.

Oh I just had to say – vins sont comme d’urine pour les gens normaux!
And – Je hais les gens qui pensent écrire des choses dans une langue étrangère rend smater que tout le monde!......

Oh the wonders of google translate. Think I’ll try german next.

Sorry couldn’t help it ;-) @gailcalled

Ps. did google get that right? I can’t read it lol.

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No, it translated both sentences rather oddly, particularly that “smater,” but I get the point.

Chacun à son goüt is a common phrase and the title of a famous song in the operetta Die Fleidermaus by Johann Strauss. It means “everyone to his own taste.” I added “sa boue” which means “his waste.”

And the remark (which you really didn’t have to say) about normal people preferring urine to wine is just silly. Have you ever drunk a good French wine? Or even a mediocre one?

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The problem with mischief and comedy is that people think they are funny or clever when they really aren’t, and the worst offenders often continue to the point of being obnoxious and offensive, all in the name of humor.

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Couldn’t resist me aye.
Funny is like beauty, its in the eye of the beholder.
I’m only funny If you say I am, unless of course, I happen to laugh at myself!.....
Funny thing humour isn’it? :-p

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In all seriousness, I think you should watch this, It might give you a view from my perspective.

Comedian Steve hughes about offense.

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@gailcalled: “Chacun à son goût ou sa boue.”

“Each one’s taste according to his own waste?”

I have drunk good French wine I have also heard good French whine!

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@Yetanotherser: No, I meant “to each his own taste or his own choice of muck.” Inventing aphorisms in another language is harder than I thought.

This would have been better, perhaps. “Chacun à son goût ou à sa boue.” It rhymes (as does taste and waste, it has a nice symmetry; “L’ordure” works better but there goes the meter and rhyme. What’s a girl to do?

For according to, you need selon son goüt.

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Yes, the mods seem far more at ease than half a year ago. A little comedy here and there is a good thing. It’s not funny anymore if people’s feelings get hurt which doesn’t happen so often I think.

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I hear ya, its hard tho I think to create an answer using text without the risk of missinterpretation, and thus causing offense, but theres always remedy in an appology.

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@gailcalled I was goint for the rhyme and meter in the English, also for the tongue-in-the-cheek effect!~

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@Yetanotheruser: The poetic effect slipped by me; sorry.

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@Pazza what are you trying to say? That was about me wasn’t it? I’ll fight you!!~

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@Pazza – Communication is never free of misinterpretation. Yes, apologies are a good thing if someone’s feelings got hurt.

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where do you live?

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@Pazza I am a citizen of the world my friend….
you did see the ”~” in my previous comment yes?

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so you live in ~?
My next comment was going to be, isn’t that a bit of a long way to come for a fight! ;-p

Ps. I have no idea what that squiggle is!.....

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It’s a tilde and is the designated marker here for something said in jest.

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@Pazza by “The world” i obviously meant SoCal… (as in the center of the world)..
and the tilde (or squiggle which is a word i like a million times more) is added to the end of a statement to denote sarcasm or a light-hearted reply… a joke if you will.

I will travel for a fight though! as far as 10… 15 feet maybe! :p

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It would seem we both have the capacity to missinterpret haha…. :-)

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@Dr_C . . . don’t you have aunt tilde?

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@Blondesjon in the basement…

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stop following

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