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How do I copy DVD's onto DVD-R's using my computer?

Asked by AriellaCG (67points) December 30th, 2006
I have some DVD's that I want to copy, but have no idea how to copy them onto 1 disc
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Are you using mac or pc?
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To make legal backups of dvd's you own, you can search "dvd rip windows tutorial" on google. Of course, making copies of DVD's you don't own is illegal.
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(And some believe that there's no such thing as a "legal backup" because it requires breaking the dvd encryption, which the MPAA disapproves of, but I'm not sure what the court has said)
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But yeah, like andrew said, you'll need some 3rd party software, and I don't think there's any free stuff (but I could be wrong)
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I had to rip some dvd's that I owned copyright too (a video project and video for my reel), so there are legal uses for ripping dvds
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There are free utiilties for PC. I've used them. Just not recently.
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I guess if it's a copy of a DVD that I bought, and it's for me to use and not distribute, it's ehh o.k.
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There are tutorials floating around the 'net, but it's pretty complicated. You could also go to Best Buy and get a commercial program that will automate it.
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on a macintosh, the best software to use to copy dvd material to the computer is called "mac the ripper", which will create a folder on your computer which can be burned back to dvd by the built-in disc burning software.
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