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How can I make my own Ramen seasoning?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) February 20th, 2008

Who doesn’t like ramen? It’s great! But the flavor packets are kinda gross, most of them have chicken/beef/shrimp/???? powder in them (I’m a vegetarian), and have a lot of MSG (which may not necessarily be bad for you, who knows?). So I am interested in creating my own dry seasoning that I can just throw a spoonful of into the pot when the ramen is done cooking, much like the seasoning packets it comes with. They usually use anti-caking agents to keep the powder from clumping (, so does anyone know if they can be omitted/where I can get some? I wouldnt necessarily be against putting in MSG, although it strikes me as a little weird…

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i don’t know about making my own, but i eat this stuff from vietnam called Mi Chay. it’s like vegatarian ramen noodles. you’d probably have to go to a oriental market to get some though..
or amazon [:

that’s not what i eat, but you could search around and find similar stuff

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Making your own powder may not be practical.

Try a mix of soy sauce, a couple drops of dark sesame oil, and sriraja chili sauce to taste as a base – then add some of that mix to homemade vegetable stock. You can then refrigerate this mix to use as needed.
Cook the noodles in water, then toss the water and add them to this broth with some fresh veggies, whatever’s local and in season.

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Ah the best ramen in the world is “throw the packet out ramen”.

Cook noodles add 1 tbsp butter, salt and pepper to taste and about a quarter cup milk.
stir. enjoy.

The trick is to get enough milk to coat, but not so much that the noodles go cold. It’s a fine science taking several years to master. :)

mmmm. I need a snack.

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Yah, I’d avoid MSG, even though it binds to magical “deliciousness” receptors on your tongue it does have neurotoxic effects, worse for some people than others… I always feel like crap after eating food laced with MSG.

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my friend emma can’t anything with MSG or she gets really sick.

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You can eschew the packet and go with soy sauce, plum sauce, and chilli sauce for a tasty mix.

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my old roommate used to cook the noodles, then fry them up in tamari with garlic. they were really good. but she used to eat all my ramen and that sucked : )

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@segdeha – Nice use of “eschew”!

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Crumbled eschews would be nice on top. Or peanuts.

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You: eschew!
Me: geisundheit!

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i would do the soy sauce/veggie stock/sesame oil combo, and you can also add miso, veggies, and a beaten egg. yum.

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Ramen seasoning is generally bullion so if you want that flavor then you probably want some chicken or beef. You might be a vegetarian going through withdrawal. :)

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