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How to move from UK to Canada or America?

Asked by Kade13 (182points) December 3rd, 2009

I was wondering what is the best course of action to take when one is considering a move to another country, specifically from UK to America or Canada. There are various factors that should be considered so any help with any of them would be appreciated.

Who to contact or speak with for information

How to get assessed for eligibility

What visa to apply for if one requires to ability to work in a specialist field (IT, Networking, Graphics/Web development)

What areas or cities to consider (Strong IT sectors)

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Know that you will not be getting universal medical care here or other government help. The UK has a lot more assistance that the US. Just a thought to consider. Canada is more similar than the US In that regard.

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the best idea is to marry someone from america or they can bring you here. it’s the easiest, might take a couple a couple of months though

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There should be a Canadian embassy in London? They should know the rules. Years ago I met people who sold everything and visited alberta because of relatives here. They tried so hard to find work but couldn’t and had to go back [ to UK], dead broke, and schlump in with relatives there. Our economy is not hiring so much just now unless you’re special and specialized.

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I would think Canada would be easier, being they’re part of the British commonwealth and all. Probably more difficult emmigrating to a country that once kicked Britain’s ass!

j/k, of course.

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We are not part of the British Commonwealth.

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Really? Then who is that lady that graces your currency and why did Victoria host the Commonwealth games in 1994?

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The Canada Act was passed in1982 as well as the Canadian Constitution. The patriation of the constitution was one of Pierre Trudeau’s last acts as prime minister in 1984.We have her picture on our money because she likes it and Canadians are polite. I really don’t know about why that The Victoria I know of is not with us. ?Queen Elizabeth We still other ties.

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List of members of the Commonwealth of Nations, AKA the British Commonwealth

BTW, that is Victoria, as in the capital of BC., not Victoria, Australia.

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I bow to the bringer of knowledge. But I know we separated somethig. Don’t the top two things say something to that? I remeber being very excited.

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Well, you did get your independence in 1969. Plus you must have gotten excited when that huge mall opened in Edmonton.

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No, excitement was in the 80’s.

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The West Edmonton Mall opened in ‘81. :)

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Like mentioned above, it’s extremely hard to find a job unless you have speialized training (especially medically related or science and tech).... in Canada and the US

oh and I’ve lived in BC for 18 years but have yet to visit that enormous mall :(

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And that was exciting!! It is a unique place, can’t be bored there! No politic rides tho.

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It seems from the replies that i havn’t provided ample information so there seems to be some negativity about job prospects.. I have a degree in computer science and have worked in IT support. I also speak various languages; Punjabi, Hindi, English, German and am currently studying japanese

Though the linguistics are not necessary for the job i would like to be doing, they would no doubt prove useful when communicating with international clients (assuming there are any)

I am not so snobbish as to assume that i would be welcomed into the job market with open arms there, but i would like to think that there is work to be had should one have the skills and determination to seek it out

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