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Why does Google think I'm a robot?

Asked by andrew (16358points) February 20th, 2008

Ever since I upgraded to Leopard, I can’t google search from Safari’s menubar without google saying, “Oh, hey there, robot! Prove yourself!” I’m tired of filling out captchas; what can I do to assert my humanity?

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Have you considered the possibly that you are, in fact, a robot?

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I have had the problem on occasion with my Internet Explorer also. It was dependant on the subject I was googling. Maybe robots tend to ask the same sort of questions.

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check your pulse just to make sure ;D

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“How can it not know what it is?” Blade Runner

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Ok smarties, I fixed it myself. I just needed to delete my google cookies.

Har har har.

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need a tune-up?

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Delete cookies and clear cache.

edit Glad it worked.

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it is just looking for love. can you really blame it?

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This happens to me when I use the google button on my mouse. Its odd…but it only happens on ocassion.

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@andrew So, you tossed your cookies?

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