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Have you ever wanted to just let loose at a cashier, waitor, nurse, teacher, or fricking City Hall?

Asked by faye (17857points) December 4th, 2009

I try to be calm and diplomatic, try to get what I need without fuss. But sometimes you are up against a void of intelligence. I had a video store kid phone me and we went back and forth on how I had a late movie return charge. Trivial, right? No, he needed to fight. I did not have any movie out.

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I would never because I’m on the flip side of that coin a lot. I’m a cashier who can’t lose it at a customer when they spark an attitude filled argument over the fact that they read the sale sign on danishes wrong. You just have to suck it up . . . be civil because this too shall pass

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Most customers I deal with are Brain-Dead and they yell,swear, wave their arms, threaten me…and so on
9 times out of 10 their problem has a easy solution…but when they take the Dickhead “road” then FUCK em, they can rot before I help them customers can’t read

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Of course not, why waste my time? When I get frustrated, I take the issue directly to someone in charge who can actually give me satisfaction.

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plus side note if you get in an argument in a place you frequent it will really suck. Cause even though I ring up probably a hundred or so people a day I can remember two groups of people the ones who are quite nice and I talk to and the people who make transactions miserable . . .I dont treat them different or worse but my stomach drops when I see them come in as i stand there dreading what might come.

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It’s counter-productive. If you are patient and friendly, you are much more likely to get satisfaction.

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I’m with @live_rose and @tyrantxseries. Customers often have no clue for people who are supposed to be right all the time. I make up for it by giving customers hell at other places when I see them being jerks to the staff.

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I let loose on a nurse when my water broke with my son. They kept telling me that I had wet myself. I told them I had NOT wet myself and they kept insisting and were trying to send me home! I went clear off on her. My husband and mom were laughing and after the nurse left the room Mom said “I’ve never seen you act like that!” Finally the doctor showed up and did some other test and found out, in fact, my water had broken. I looked at the nurse and said “I told you I didn’t piss myself!!!” I had my ER C-section and was quite happy but I couldn’t find it in myself to be nice to that nurse throughout my hospital stay.

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I know service people have a tough job , so I always try to be very considerate and patient. But, if they are way off base, they will find that pissing off whatthefluther is not a good thing. I’m with @YARNLADY….I won’t screw around…..I’ll take the matter forward to someone who can fix it. I had an issue, once, with the local Comcast office and gave the head person there a chance to fix it. They opted not to. I wrote a very concise and level-headed letter to a Corporate VP, back east. Matter immediately assigned to a staff person and quickly corrected with follow-up by both the staff person and the VP as well as the local office. And, as an unsolicited bonus, I never had to pay for a pay per view movie again (until Time Warner bought out the territory). See ya…..Gary/wtf

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I do not. I have a horror of public scenes, because my father’s response to any injustice or perceived injustice was to go off-on poor, hapless store clerks, hotel desk clerks, waiters, etc.

Watching him get red-faced and scream at people showed me that all it did was make him look stupid. I had no respect for that behavior. I do not do it now.

After years as a corporate executive, I am with Gary. If you don’t get satisfaction, go up the chain to someone who has the authority to fix the problem and the brains to understand the cost of customer acquisition.

To all customer service people: I can understand your frustration dealing with the great unwashed public, but as Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Customers are people-just like customer service reps are people.

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See the movie Falling Down and live vicariously through the main character played by Michael Douglas!

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