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how much money can i receive as a gift before i have to claim it as income?

Asked by skar138 (154points) February 20th, 2008
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Calender year 2008 – $12,000 from one person. If it is $12,001, you have to declare the $1 as income. There is also a one-time lump sum that a person can give away, that will not be considered as part of his/her estate for tax purposes. I think this year it is $1 mil.

Check out the IRS sites for more accurate details. Or maybe some of the
Google experts here can find it. I am going outside to watch the eclipse.

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You can gift an individual 12K per year, each year. Say, when is the eclispe in the NW?

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Eclipse is already starting here in EST. A nice bite out of the moon is visible. You can see it in totality as soon as it is dark enough for moon to be visible. 7:15–7:30 PST. Keep looking.

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Find out what money is , then figure out why it would be income if all you got was a Note, and then deside if it is taxable income. Federal Reserve Notes are not income but promises to pay, non-taxable

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