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Is there anything you're a fan of but you'd never admit it to friends?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) December 4th, 2009

Personally I’m a professional wrestling fan . . .but I’m also a 19 year old girl that lives in the north east so if I told my friends i think they’d laugh in my face. My friend prides herself as being a non conformist one of those I listen to bands that don’t even exist yet people. But she loves the twilight series probably the most mainstream commercialized books around, she tries to keep that fact to herself. So it got me thinking everyone probably has a hobby or an interest that they keep hidden . . . so what’s yours?

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The Milwaukee Brewers and The Hills.

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You know I’m sitting here really thinking about it and I can’t think of anything. I guess mostly because I don’t care what others would think, haha. If something comes to mind I’ll be back, lol.

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Allie forced me to watch The Hills.

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Not anymore. I used to hide all kinds of my interests because I thought people would assume I was gay from them. But definitely not anymore. I’m a big Miley Cyrus fan and proud of it. I’m also a bubblegum dance fan and proud of it. The more people who know, the better. :)

No need to hide hobbies and interests. I want people to know the full me, including the gay music and the gardening…and the interior design…

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I’m very open with my embarrassing habits… I love Stephen King books, and enjoy a light-weight Dean Koontz, too. There. I said it. :P

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If I’m a fan of something, I would just say it right out. I don’t really mind what others think of me, but it can get embarrassing when I’m reading Xkcd.

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Stephen King is NOT embarrassing. I love Stephen King. My mom’s read everything he’s written.

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@johnpowell what a bitch. that Justin Bobby I mean ;)

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Anything that has to do with magic. Even like, really nerdy stuff. I’m quite obsessed.

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Isn’t even identifying yourself as a non-conformist, conforming to the social standard of applying labels to ourselves?

In answer to the question, however, yes there is. But it’s dirty. Not for you to know.

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@holden yes. I used to be an non-conformist until I started seeing that it was actually conforming. Then I just started not giving a sh!t and just did whatever I wanted, people still see me as an eccentric and quite inquisitive, so it worked out how I wanted. I’m different and I like it that way. :P

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@Axemusica well, I’m a piece of Christmas-themed poo. I’m about as non-conformist as it gets.

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@holden Say hello to the Mrs. for me.

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I have you all beat! I read and write fanfiction

I’m also a fan of Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, which almost has worse writing than the above. The main character is a blatant, younger, prettier stand-in for the author, who gives herself a harem of young, willing men to have (graphic, repetitive) sex with whenever she wants. But oh wait! It’s really not her fault, it’s some vampire powers that made her need sexing up every few hours, or everyone will die. And she constantly gets into situations where people don’t take her seriously because she is a cute, petite, female, til she pops a cap in someone’s ass. (Because she is a supernatural cop!) It’s like Twilight and the trashiest Harlequin romance ever had an evil, warped baby. This series is very, very addictive. It’s like opening an economy size bag of M&Ms to just eat one and then furtively eating the whole thing for dinner because you can’t stop. Which I have never done.

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yay for fanfiction!

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@Haleth for shame, sir. For shame.

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I LOVE!! Barbara Micheal’s books they are pretty much the same and apparently she wrote almost a hundred. The perfect beach book and cozy arm detective books all rolled up in one and all year long. Also there was this book series called the Phoenix Force made the A-team love like Shakespeare but made escapism an art.

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@Haleth I am also a fan of Anita Blake.:)

I can easily top you with The Young and the Restless. I also watched Days of our Lives when Marlena was possessed by the devil.

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I think people close to me just accept me as a bit of a geek anyhow.. so I don’t really need to get embarrassed about stuff that I’m a fan of.

a sexy, gorgeous, interesting geek though ;-)

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I see we have some secret fans of daytime soaps. C’mon. Do you like John Black or Roman?.

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The only thing I could possibly think of is gay sex.

Gay sex and Pokemon.

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“Gay sex and pokemon” . . . nothing that happens throughout the rest of my day will be as awesome as that

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Gay sex and Pokemon. Sounds like a good party to me! :D

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so long as it isn’t gay sex with pokemon

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@live_rose: “so long as it isn’t gay sex with pokemon” But… But you said yay for fanfiction! XD

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I thought I was the only one who thought about gay sex and Pokemon.

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@MacBean interspecies slash in unexplored territory for me

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@live_rose: Ahh. It’s not for me. While I like good fanfiction, I love bad fanfiction. And most of the really crack-y stuff (Pokemon slash, Winnie-the-Pooh slash, Wiggles slash, political slash) falls firmly into the “bad” category.

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@MacBean I sometimes enjoy bad fanfics but usually I get a chapter and a half in before i want to punch the author my computer and myself in the face

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I’d be ashamed if my friends knew how much time I spend here.

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@DominicX: I guess I’ll make the Facebook page. Go ahead and start sending invites.

I don’t even know which I’m more hesitant to come out of between the PokeCloset and the gay closet.

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Two and a Half Men.


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DarlingRhadamanthus – I LOVE Two and a Half Men!!

I admitted I liked Lady Gaga tonight at a Bunco party (dice game). The looks on some of the faces of the women (just met some of them) and the ‘No you aren’t!’ reaction was quite comical.

Your friends should accept you no matter what! However, mine don’t know I dress up as a bunny at home.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus – That had to take plenty to admit to. :-)

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Charlie Chan movies. I love the innovative, non-violent ways the victims are killed. (Poison toothpick shot through a straw…brilliant.)
The Grand Ole Opry

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I watch TAR and Survivor and have no shame of any kind. I then balance it by reading Flaubert and Camus in French. At the library I check out the latest issue of People but can’t ever get through the entire issue.

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world of warcraft. dont laugh ><

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@Medlang I’m a huge WoW player. I play a Frost Mage. Go figure.
However my boyfriend just bought me Aion, and it’s pretty badass.

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OK! Thought of something, lol.

I played WoW for 4 years. I’m kind of ashamed of that, lol.

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I’m a 26 year old youthworker who claims that I have to watch High School Music to keep down with the kids but there’s just something about watching it that makes me so happy.

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This is sick and wrong, but I like Hanson. You know, “Mmmm-Bop?” Yeah.

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I can remember learning the lyrics to mmm-bop oh my days!

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Gossip Girl, and New Moon!

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@sunshinedust Really? You’d never admit those to your friends?

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I’ve always liked vampire & werewolf movies. The OLD ones, I mean. With Lon Chaney, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Bela Lagosi, etc…the old timey ones. I vant to bite your neck

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There’s not much I wouldn’t admit to… I do try to downplay my more embarrassing obsessions, though.

For example, many people know I like to watch Doctor Who. However, my brother is one of the only people who knows I like Doctor Who enough to download the Christmas Special AS SOON AS IT TURNS UP ONLINE on Christmas morning. As in, I troll for it till I find it and ignore things such as eating delicious food and opening presents to do so. It’s obscene.

Another is fantasy books. I used to be obsessed in high school. I haven’t had time to read much in the past few years, but if I could, it’d probably still be books with no literary merit about people who ride dragons or save the world with magic and things. Again, I wouldn’t deny this, but I’d probably downplay that they were the ONLY non-academic books I read in high school. :)

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After I attended my first sci-fi/fantasy convention and discovered exactly how much geekier than me people can get, I have never been ashamed to admit any of my hobbies/interests. And sometimes I’m pretty damn proud of them. Not only will I admit to my love of, for example, Star Trek and Harry Potter, but I will also happily announce that I have seen every episode of TOS and TNG, and I’ve read the third HP book more than 50 times.

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Yugioh Cards. Not the tv show, just the cards. I still know how to play but i’ve stopped collecting them cuz no one else plays anymore xD

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No, there’s nothing I wouldn’t admit to being a fan of anymore. I would think my friends are all mature enough (and me as well) that we wouldn’t be so judgmental of each others’ personal interests.

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@RAWRxRandy I play yugioh too . . .I now play the video game because I have no one to play cards with

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1. I like Christmas music, even the 6 or 7 song loop they play in the stores. I was disappointed this year when my work (Home Depot) didn’t begin playing it after Halloween like last year.
2. I also spend way too much time on Fluther.
3. I obsessively check the American football web sites, even in the off-season. Everyday.

I might be back later with more.

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@MacBean I think I just fell in love with you.

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Do silly things, think silly thoughts, watch imbecilic TV and stand tall and proud.

@loser—Unfaithful already?—

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@gailcalled No, I’m single again.

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@loser Are you the biggest loser on @Fluther or what?!!! I mean, really?

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@PapaLeo Yeah, I guess that would pretty much sum it up. Thank you for pointing that out so very emphatically.

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Sorry, Dude. I guess it is obvious. Didn’t mean to rub it in.

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I love @loser…he is soooo not a loser in any sense of the word xxxx he is funny, cute, sensitive, BACK OFF!!! hee hee ;-) love xxx

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What do those X’s stand for?

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lol @Sarcasm just kisses

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Ah shucks…

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@chelseababyy No, actually. i was totally against the whole Twilight craze up until like 2 months ago. i never read the books, i thought it was trendy and all high school teeny bopper, but my friend had the first movie and i LOVED it. i just went and saw New Moon last week with my 27 year old boyfriend and it was awesome. looks like i’m gonna have to start reading the books too, because i’m surely not waiting another year or whatever until the next movie comes out to see what happens.

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Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana (blushing)

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@live_rose yah, i’ve bought a Gameboy Advance game of it. Its fun, but i miss playing with the real people.

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@sunshinedust You honestly can’t even compare the books to the movies. They just completely surpass the movies. Also.. New Moon the movie was 32948348x better than Twilight, however New Moon is the most heart-wrenching book of the series.

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harry potter and writing in my diary

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Honestly, I’m not really ashamed of my interests. I tend to like less mainstream things, but I also do like “pop” stuff, too. I can’t really think of anything I’d never tell anyone about because I pretty much don’t care what other people think about my interests. I like what I like!

The only thing is that I do like some music that is a bit embarrassing because it’s not “cool” (like my Steeleye Span), but it’s not like I’m trying to hide liking it or anything.

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I’m known for being a fan of metal and industrial, but for some reason I can’t explain, Lady Gaga is awesome.

Rah rah ah ah ah, roma, ro ma ma GAGA OH LALA!

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@Symbeline LOVE that song. :D

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