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What would it take to make you giggle right now?

Asked by ringaroundtherosie (543points) December 5th, 2009

Offensive humor?
A tickle?
A nasty fart from your SO oh how you love him/her ;)
Grandma fell on her ass but didn’t get hurt.
I’m not that terrible!

What makes you laugh out loud?

Are you really that uptight that you can’t?

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My fiance is passed out from drinking too much tequila and has been sleep-talking. He thinks the box was “a good idea” (what box??) and that Windows 7.0 won’t take off for god knows what reasons he gave me. It’s pretty cute.

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you know it does take me quite a bit to laugh… and I don’t really know what kind of sense of humour I have but it’s already one of my new year’s resolutions to do more of… I’m going to go away now and try to make myself laugh and will report back!

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@lynneblundell I can relate! I am very envious of those with a boisterous laugh.

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Some of the quips on here, Ron James[canadian comedian]. I love laughing and love to joke around, so many things. I’m not much for the Three Stooges stuff but almost anything else. I very much enjoyed the links @Pazzo put up in his thread.

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I was chatting with allie. I said something about punching a certain person in the nipples. She suggested that I aim for the ankles. That gave me a good belly-laugh.

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@ekans sooocute-I want one! Also on youtube there’s a clip of a baby laughing so hard he couln’t sit up anymore.

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3 minutes on /b/

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@ekans The Kitten: Priceless… did indeed make me giggle…and my son…we’ve just watched it like ten times!! how adorable…

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This crazy pup of mine comes up under the table and sticks her nose up the leg of my shorts. She does it if I don’t pay enough attention to her, if I get too engrossed in the computer (like on fluther). It makes me jump and giggle and then I have to stop and throw her ball or do something so she will let me alone for a while!

She is a devil dog!

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gay sex and pokemon . . .see that written made me giggle (an answer to another fluther question)
but generally dry humor and or sarcasm is the the only humor I appreciate/ can make me giggle

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@live_rose: Gay Sex?? I don’t think you’d giggle watching jenn and I

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For most people An orgasm.

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I’m going out west to visit my mother with Alzheimer’s today so I don’t have a lot of “giggle” in me right now, but usually @pdworkin saying “What are, @janbb, nuts?” on Fluther makes me laugh.

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it wasn’t side-splittingly funny but…. thinking about me stood at the post office this morning waiting in a long long long queue to pick up a parcel, with Theo… when he turned round and at the top of his voice and said “I need a wee mummy…” so we had to go and do it in a bush.. he then found the whole escapade so fascinating that he wanted to do it again immediately and continued to tell me for a further fifteen minutes stood in the queue that he needed to go again… It was highly embarrassing but in retrospect kinda funny…

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Right now, anything. It’s 8:30 AM and I haven’t gone to sleep yet.
Flashlight tag all nighters are fucking awesome.

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I put one of the pups into his collar yesterday. Whenever you do that, for the first little bit the poor pup creeeeeeeeepppppssss around so carefully and gives you such reproachful looks! I figured out that its because he doesn’t like the jingle of the tags, whether its because he isn’t stealth puppy with the jingle or because it gets on his nerves. Seeing him creeping around the yard and giving me dirty looks makes me giggle!

Now if only he didn’t just figure out how to unbuckle it and take it off… I went out later and there it was lying on the ground compltely unbuckled, laid out in a straight line as pretty as you please! And smart puppy was jungle free! I’m not sure how that happened but I’m going to have to do some puppy spying, apparently!

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This collection of photos of what some people wear to Walmart.

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I usually come here to find wit that makes me laugh

Off to seek humor! The human tail q might work,,,,

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I giggle more often than I laugh. Nick Swardson always makes me do both. Just thinking about how much of a douche Dane Cook is also makes me laugh (and cry a little).

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Click and Clack, the Tappit Brothers are making me giggle right now! I have no interest in cars and I know it sounds cheesy, but Car Talk always makes me laugh!

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Hourly laugh provided by Milo on the look-out for his latest moth or attacking the shabby and unconvincing stuffed mouse I dribble dry catnip on.

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pretty much anything. people falling off bikes always does it for me though.

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This makes me laugh over and over again:

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@Lovethesun hahahahaha thats gold!!! “oh god!”

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Saying “sig fig” out loud.

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Nitrous Oxide

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I’m in a cranky mood today but I bet that if my dog let out one of her squeaky little farts I’d laugh pretty hard. She gets this confused expression on her face like this and it gets me everytime!

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I’ll laugh at anything, really.

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@Facade pull my finger.

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Good God @filmfann! What have you been eating?

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smells like something died in his stomach

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@ItalianPrincess1217 your answer made me giggle. My dog does the same thing, but she looks at her butt with an expression like she is thinking “What the hell was that?”

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@deni it didn’t die!

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It doesn’t take much at all, and it is almost completely unpredictable. One of my cardinal rules is “If it’s funny, I’m allowed to laugh.” (That got me through raising two kids and staying married for 31 years so far.) And the truth of the matter is that the older I get, the less there is that isn’t funny.

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Lurve for “Mitch Hedburg” reference. :)

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Right now, Alan Davies and Stephen Fry on QI are doing the trick for me…....They do have some Funny Moments

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If somebody kept tickling me then I would like die laughing! It happened before! My stomach and my feet are the most ticklish thing for me! Hehe…

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@irocktheworld If someone tickles my feet, they’re likely to get kicked in the head. I give fair warning, but if they don’t heed it… ;)

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File cabinet kitty. Heehee!

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Questions that ask me what it would take to make me giggle.

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A wooden filing cabinet. <sigh>

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@gailcalled Why does that paper in the filing cabinet say “Ho Ho Ho” ?!

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@Jeruba: t’s turn-of-the-century quarter-sawn golden oak. If I pull a drawer out too far, the entire cabinet falls on me. But it is gorgeous with beautiful brass fittings.

@rangerr: I went and checked, thinking perhaps that Milo was taking notes for his new novel. It turns out to be little stick figure drawings done by my Physical Therapist to clarify a weight-bearing exercise.

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@gailcalled Man… I’m going to see letters as stick people now..

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@rangerr: When you open up the picture of Milo in the filo cabinet, turn your screen sideways or turn head hard to right.

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