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How should I destroy my Razor?

Asked by Poser (7805points) February 20th, 2008

This phone has been the bane of my existence for the past twelve months. I can’t, in good conscience, sell it or donate it to one of those mobile phone recyclers. I wouldn’t wish this thing on my ex-wife. Or her mother.

So for the past year I’ve been dreaming about how I’m going to destroy this thing. I finally gave up and ordered a new phone, and now I’m getting excited for the end of the Razor. Trouble is, there are so many ways to do it, I can’t decide!

Best suggestion wins, and I’ll post the video on YouTube for all to enjoy.

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Add some yogurt, bananas, protein powder, and enjoy!

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Personally, I’d like to see what would happen if you microwaved it.

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Try to use it as a throwing star/knife like they used to in the razor commercials, and when it smashes to bits, call Motorolla and tell them it was their idea and they should pay you reparations for lying.

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I like the idea of driving my car over it. I have destroyed some valuables by accident using that technique. Or replace battery w. sunflower seeds and let the mice do it for you.

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eh, running over it with a car seems too quick and merciful.

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Coat it in delicious, delicious batter and deep fry it.

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I wonder if it’d work after being put in a paint mixer shaker-clamp thing.

Dropping/throwing from a very high place tends to be fun.

Putting it on a big rock or concrete and hitting it with a two-handed sledgehammer might be cathartic. Practice using tool first to avoid hurting self.

Wear goggles and take it to a private shooting range.

Burn to bits with blowtorch.

Soak in lighter fluid and set on fire.

Give it to kids and ask them to destroy it.

Before doing any of the above, get it online with Motorola tech support, and ask them to listen carefully and try to figure out the problem.

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will it blend?

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…or “frappe”?

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All great suggestions. I got my new phone today, the fun begins. I just have to get all my phone numbers off first.

A friend suggested that I tie it to myself (via a string) while I run a 15K next week.

We’ll see.

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