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Does Word have a voice recording capability?

Asked by Allie (17536points) December 5th, 2009

I was in lecture the other day and the guy next to me was taking notes on his laptop. The program he was using looked like Word, but I could be wrong. I also noticed that there was a bar at the top with colored bars flashing back and forth. I asked him what it was and he said he was recording the lecture. SAY WHAT!? He left half way through the lecture and I didn’t get a chance to ask him what it was or how to use it.
So my question is: Does Microsoft Word have a voice recording element to it that I can use while I’m taking notes? Is it another program that I have to download and use in addition to Word?
In case you need to know, I’m using a MacBook Pro and currently working with Microsoft Office 2008.

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Not natively, but you can embed recordings in a Word document.

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I’m using a MacBook Pro with MS Office 2008 as well and I record lectures. It came with it. Go to View > Notebook Layout and click the “Audio” button on the top toolbar and the audio toolbar will pop up.

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@DominicX THAT’S IT!! Thank you!! (((hugshugshugs)))

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@Allie You’re welcome. :) I find it very useful and it’s sensitive enough to record it well.

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Only on Mac Office 2008! It’s great because as you type and record audio Word records the text in sync with the audio so that afterward you can see your notes “build” as you hear the audio (almost like a chapterizing for a video clip).

I use notebook layout all the time and then revise the notes by listening to the audio track.

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@pdworkin What, do you know everything?

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