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How much will a new starter cost me?

Asked by Lacroix (530points) December 5th, 2009

I drive a 1999 Saturn SL 6 cylinder, and apparently my starter just went out. How much will it cost, roughly, to replace it?

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Should be anywhere from 30–60 US dollars.
You might be able to order one off Ebay or find one at a junkyard for cheaper.
I found the starter for my car at a junkyard, and payed $5 for it. It hasn’t had a single problem.

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The part will be the least expensive part of the job. Usually the labor is at least twice the cost of the actual part.

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To have someone else replace it will probably run about $300 or so plus parts. To do it yourself you would have to purchase a starter. This site shows that they run from $90 for rebuilts to as high as $131.52 for the SL.

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Before you go out and get an estimate on a new starter, bang on it with a hammer a few times. You might just have a stuck solenoid. And, of course, check the fusible link between the battery and the starter motor.

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Thanks to everyone that helped! I managed to get a part for $130 and labor for $25! Towing was an additional $70, but I don’t think I did so bad.

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@Lacroix thanks for the update

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