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Can you explain this bumpersticker: "Jesus, Gandhi, and MLK... Just a bunch of liberals"?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) February 21st, 2008
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Sounds like it’s an attempt to defend liberalism. Associate your creed with great men of the past and it gains credibility. Don’t know as I’d agree.

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Right. The idea is, if you disregard liberals without listening to them, then you disregard these people as well.

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Sound’s about as obnoxious as I’d expect a bumper sticker to be.

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Is it significant, do you think, that they were all murdered?

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@skfinkel – good point.

I hate bumper stickers in general. I saw a guy picking up illegal Mexican day workers one day with a “speak English or leave” bumper sticker…and on the flipside, ironically that same, I was on line at a coffee shop…this snobby old wind bag was looking at her friend and said “jeez, they can’t even get your order right, they come here and don’t have the respect to learn English…blah, blah” going on & on…so I watched get into her new Mercedes and viola she had a “no human is illegal” bumper sticker.

People who display this crap worry more about their friends & peers. They usually don’t practice what they preach.

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Maybe people are inconsistent because they are complex. Oh wait, I don’t mean
“they”, I mean “we”.

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i agree, this sticker is pro-liberal- in that if you are anti liberal you must also be disregarding Jesus, Gandhi, etc.

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I see it a bit differently. None of those people called themselves “liberals”, and certainly not “just a bunch of liberals,” but I imagine the sticker author is suggesting that the kind of thinking that has people say that, would apply to all of those people. So, I imagine the author hopes, it might make those people stop and rethink their view.

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I agree with smbunny and if you don’t see it my way then you are closed minded. Only a liberal point of view is valid and open minded and anybody who sees any other possibility is closed minded. There is only one way to see this. Open your mind and don’t be sheep, se it the liberal way!!!!!

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Wow, I think I might frame that one.

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I think the bumper sticker is talking about the philosophy of non-violence that Jesus, Ghandi, and MLK all promoted in different ways, and which is seemingly in line with a more liberal foreign policy perspective. Liberals are generally more critical of a foreign policy based solely on military might and violence, and lean more toward a posture of international collaboration. Some write off people with such a collaborative world view as “just a bunch of liberals,” as though that means they are nuts and out of touch with reality. The bumber sticker is thus pointing out the hypocrisy of Christians and others who hold up MLK and Ghandi, but then write off current folks who promote a more non-violent approach as a bunch of nutty liberals.

The interesting thing about this bumper sticker is that it inadvertently reaffirms the notion that “liberal” is now a bad or negative word to the general public, while obviously being a bumper sticker a person of liberal persuasions would have on their car.

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I guess the sticker did it’s job, people are talking about it.

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And here I was looking for a bumper sticker to cover up the two dings my husband just got for me on the rear bumper….

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Three individuals who are able to take the moral high road thanks to the hard working masses and the conservative built and defended infrastructure around them.

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They were all non violent protester. Passive.
Liberals in general are anti war, anti violence.

I think the the bumper sticker is very tongue in cheek as it admonishes the violence that seems to accompany so many violent things supposedly done to glorify the Lord.

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And each of them professed and promoted ideas that are strictly against the Republican platform in 2016.

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