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Are there some things that are rather worthless, yet you have a hard time throwing them away?

Asked by Val123 (12679points) December 6th, 2009

For me it’s empty coffee cans. Especially the plastic ones. They just seem like they could come in so handy sometime in the next 30 years. And they really can be, on occasion but…I have about 40 of them! And I just added one more to my collection.

Does anyone else have a “problem” like this?

(Could I sell them on ebay, you think?)

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Yes, I do that all the time! Especially with empty mascara bottles. I feel that when I buy a new one, and that goes bad, the older ones I have will accumulate a little bit of mascara at the bottom and I can use it then. Who knows. That’s crazy talk.

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@smartfart11 :) I do the same thing with “emplty” dish washing soap! Um…but, not healthy for mascara m’dear. Old mascara grows bacteria. In fact, they say you should change your mascara out every 6 months….

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I keep old worn out paint brushes. They aren’t even good for varnishing but yet I keep them in a drawer somehow assuming they will either grow hair or that I will be broke enough and desperate enough to use them.

By the way- the coffee cans would be a godsend to teachers or crafters. I suggest you join your local freecycle and offer them up.

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@Val123 Okay, good point.

I think I’ll be right back..

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I keep a ton of stuffed animals, but anytime I want to sell one, or give it away, I think about how I got it, and then I just don’t.

I also am known to keep junk..

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Clothes that I will likely never be slim enough to wear again!! Getting rid of them would mean I stay fat-superstition-wise!

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@Dog Good suggestion! Yes, I could handle giving them away to a good home….

@smartfart11 Good! My eyes are really super sensitive, rather prone to infections, and I tell within an hour or so of applying it if my mascara needs to be tossed.

@curiouscat LOL! It goes for pretty much anything I’ve had more than five years!

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Oohhh most definitely clothes. I never want to part with any of my clothes, even if they might be too big or too small for me. I feel like maybe they can be my safety net so that if I get fat or slim down, I’ll always have those other options available :P

I also have loads of stuffed animals – beanie babies especially :-( I know I need to get rid of them, but I don’t know if I’d want to… hahaha so they’re just sitting in a big plastic bin in my room.

Then there’s my text books from my college classes which I don’t think I’d ever ever ever want to part with…

I mean, this is coming from a girl who had Barbie roller skates and other Barbie accessories from 2d grade stuffed in the back of her closet until a handful of years ago. :-[

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My clothes they’ll stretch out and fit again! and, for a while, a soda water company put teal colored tabs on their cans. I adored the color and collected about 20 of them. I figure I can make SOMETHING out of them.

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Donate them to a school for art projects!
I know the feeling. Especially because I’ve had instances of not wearing articles of clothing for years, then finding them and loving them again. You never know when you’ll want something again!

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Yes, for example old radios that still work.

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@mattbrowne Yabutt you’re building a time machine out of them aren’t you?

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@Val123 – That’s why I’m keeping them in the attic. My wife wants to throw them away which would be a bit of a hassle, because they are special toxic waste. I think it’s much better to convert them into time machines.

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@mattbrowne Oh, I agree. Come back sometime and let me know how it worked! Hey…when’s the next book coming out????

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@Val123 – Probably not before 2012.

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